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  1. Rose37

    CNA skills test

    I actually got my test failure overturned. I provided multiple Red Cross materials that demonstrated the resident at least taking a step to pivot and even one to back into the chair which is exactly what I did. I actually retook the test a day before my grievance decision came through so technically I passed twice! I did significantly worse on my second testing and still passed which really proves my theory that they are out to make money: it’s very sad.
  2. Rose37

    CNA skills test

    Hello, yesterday I took the CNA state exam and failed my skills portion due to missing a critical step on one skill that I performed exactly how all of my given materials and course teacher described the skill to me. The nurse who failed me told me I failed because I made the resident take steps when transferring from bed to chair with gait belt. I was taught that I was suppose to do this and also my CEP form provided to me by the Red Cross stated that this is the proper way to do the skill. I do not understand how they expect someone to pass the test if they arent giving correct information on how to pass certain skills. I filed a greivance but Im sure it wont be granted. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? Failing for performing a skill exactly as they were taught? I'm disheartened and in disbelief that this is a fair result. I do not know how I am suppose to pass if they make me retake it if I'm not given the right information. Very upsetting. Commiseration or advice would be much appreciated.

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