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CNA resident fall

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I'm a new CNA and just finishing up my 3 weeks of orientation. I had two falls this week from residents that were partially under my care while I was still being supervised. One happened to be a resident who was being taken care of by Hopsice that day, she fell out of her chair after I was called away to a staff meeting. The other was a man who was supposed to have a bed alarm on him but it wasn't turned on. I was not told he was supposed to have a bed alarm but I could have found out by checking his file but I failed to do so. I was serving trays in the dining room at the time of the incident and his room was suppose to be being watched by a fellow employee. Now I'm worried I will lose my job or certification because two falls in one week looks bad for me. Any advice will help ease my anxiety.

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Falls are going to happen, you can't be every where watching everyone. Residents will fall even if you are right next to then assisting them.

The first fall wasn't your fault.

The second one well, you should have read their file. Never expect others to provide info that you can read for yourself. ....lesson learned. My guess is the worst that will happen is you will be written up for not applying the alarm.

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