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  1. Natalie Ou

    CNO: English Language Proficiency

    Hi @AgnesJohn. Yes, I finally received a response 3 months later. The CNO extended the expiration of my language proficiency requirement so that I could register for my nursing license. All is well now and I am finally a registered nurse working in Ontario! Its a long process so you have to be patient. I had to ask my employers to write more than one letter too. I know, its very annoying for your employers because they're so busy but it has to be done. Ask your employers to be more specific with their examples of how you use English in the workplace, and make sure to follow the CNO indicators on the CNO website. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  2. Natalie Ou

    Old new grad starting at a LTC home

    Hi @kbrn2002. Thanks for responding! In Ontario, there is usually one RN in a team consisting of one practical registered nurse and the rest are personal support workers or resident assistants. In other words, there is just one RN to care for an entire floor (sometimes more than one floor...) This is also a concern of mine as well so I'm trying to be as prepared as possible! I will definitely look through the sub forums. Thanks a lot of your input.
  3. Natalie Ou

    Old new grad starting at a LTC home

    Hi everyone, I just recently got my registered nursing license here in Ontario, Canada (YAY) and am about to start my very first RN position at a nursing home. I am as they say, an "old new grad" meaning I graduated a few years ago and only recently got my license. SO, it's been a long time since I've practiced my nursing skills... I've been studying and reviewing all of my nursing content every day (watching Youtube videos etc) and I feel surprisingly very confident (but I know nothing will really prepare me for the real thing!) I'm very excited to finally start my nursing career but I'm also very nervous because I've been out of practice for so long. I was wondering if those in the LTC field could share some tips and advice in regard to an old new grad RN starting a new job at a nursing home. I understand that every facility is different but what nursing skills should I expect to see and use often? What is the daily routine of an RN for the AM, evening, and night shifts? How do you deal with angry family members? What are the common medications that I may see in the nursing home? What challenges will I face considering that I may be the only RN in the entire nursing facility with other RPNs and PSWs, and how do I overcome these challenges? Any input is valued and appreciated. Thanks all. Stay safe and healthy.

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