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Med/surg cardiac, trauma, psych nurse

I might be small but my light shines bigger than me!

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Jer Lightrings has 11 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med/surg cardiac, trauma, psych nurse.

I've been a nurse for 7 years and about to finish my msn.

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  1. Hello there.  New to this thread.   Are you in the Air Force reserve now?  I am an Army reserve nurse and just trying to find out more info about Air Force Reserve Flight nurse

  2. Jer Lightrings

    Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    When did you start the process? Was your recruiter in contact with you? Or do you recommend I bug him?
  3. Jer Lightrings

    Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    Thank you for the insight. But my biggest worry is the age cut off. I'm located here in southern California and there nearest a.f.b is March. It really took 2 years? Wow.
  4. Jer Lightrings

    Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    Quick question, I know this thread is old...but I just submitted my application alongside with all the other documents my recruiter sent to me to fill out. How long was the process to get in? Unfortunately I would not be able to make flight nurse bec...
  5. Jer Lightrings

    Air Force Reserve Questions

    Hello, I just spoke to a recruiter 2 weeks ago and just submitted my application, credit report, transcripts, letter of intent, resume, medical report. That was a job within itself. I will do my best to tell you what the recruiter told me. Yes it's ...