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  1. Andyr221

    Failed NCLEX twice with 265 both times

    Has anyone ever gotten a failed letter with all subjects near or passing level, and one above passing Standard ? Curious to see what people got from there response letter when they got the Max 265 questions . Please share if you got the max , it’s hard to get over the hump when you don’t even know where the jump is ...
  2. Andyr221

    Failed NCLEX twice with 265 both times

    Above standard on every topic ? Because I’ve never heard of anyone who got a fail letter with majority near or above passing and one above standard, it would seem to me like that would be the passing point but I may be wrong . I’ve been using Uworld and I’m at the 64th percentile score range from high 50s-low 70s Just trying to figure out how to approach it next time
  3. So the first time I took the NCLEX and failed 265 questions with two subjects above standard , Two below passing Standard and the rest near passing standard. I worked on the subjects I failed really focusing on my weak points .The second time I took the NCLEX unfortunately failed again with 265 questions( Took it very hard). When I got my letter I was at or near passing on all subjects except one, and it was one of the topics I had previously been above standard! Very frustrating and disheartening, from what everyone has told me I’m close or it wouldn’t get to 265 . My question is , do I have to be above standard for all topics to pass ,Or would I be able to pass with all near passing standard and one above standard? Ideally I’d love to be above standard on all topics but Right now I’m just hoping to pass my test so I can finally finish what I started years back now . Thank you for any advice and your time for reading this I’m not giving up I’m just trying to approach the test as smart as possible

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