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Becky C

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Becky C specializes in Emergency Room.

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  1. Becky C

    US Nurse moving to London UK for Nursing

    Hi @sylviamae, My motivation to work in the UK is a great travel experience and because I am dating someone in the UK at the moment. Pay is not really the motivation but more just an amazing experience. What have been some of the differences you have noticed while being in the US? Any helpful tips? Any areas to live that are cheaper to live and then commute into London? Any particular hospitals in the London area that have great reputations. I have been doing a lot of research but it is always nice to get an insiders opinion.
  2. Becky C

    American Nurses in U.K

    @kaitfinder I would love to hear about what you have learned so far from your experience. Any big differences with care that was an adjustment for you? Any helpful advice on things that you wished you knew before moving? Do you mind if I ask you which hospital you work for? If not, is it a bigger or smaller hospital. I also specialize in the Emergency room. I would love to pick you brain more about your experience.
  3. Hello All! I am a US Nurse looking into moving to London or outside of the London area. Would love to hear about anyone's experience with working in the UK? Any helpful advice? I would love to hear about which hospitals you work at or any hospitals to avoid.

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