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  1. Hello, Anyone else on here applying to Century College or Inver Hills, for the Fall 2020 program start? I just completed my Teas! I have a 4.0 GPA and 79% Teas score which puts me at a 11.9 composite score. I'm debating if I will retake the Teas, but just wanted to see who else is out here and start connecting with you all.
  2. Rachy18

    Passed Teas 6 without AP and Chem

    I just want to say- It IS possible to get a good score on the Teas 6 without taking any AP, Chem, or Mirco courses. I passed the Teas 6 with a 80% without having any science courses completed (Besides general Bio, which I took over 10 yrs. ago). I started from scratch and used Kahn Academy, Teas Secrets Book, and Crash Course AP to learn everything on my own. The science portion of this test is almost all AP, but it isn't impossible to learn most of it on your own! I just wanted to give a little positive hope to those of you who haven't completed all of your science courses, but want to take it. If you put the hard work in, you can do it.

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