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  1. pioneer_MD

    F1 Student Need Help

    Hi, I'm an international student in an ADN program in the United States. After I graduate, I either plan on OPT (optional practical training) for a year or enroll in RN-BSN program. If I decide to get on OPT, where can I find jobs that can hire me? Thank you so much in advance!
  2. pioneer_MD

    CNA course as F1 student

    Hello, I’m an ADN student and I just want to ask how to be qualified for employment based sponsorship? I have two options, either do OPT for experience or look for a school that offers Rn-Bsn bridge program in person.
  3. pioneer_MD

    HCC F-1 ADN Program

    Anyone here an F-1 student who took A&P 2 before getting accepted into the HCC ADN Program? First semester is 14 credits including the A&P lecture and lab which counts for 4 credits so if you already took that as an F-1 student then you would have 10 credits left. If you did take A&P 2 lab and lecture before getting into the program, what did you take in lieu of A&P 2 to satisfy the 12 hr semester credit?
  4. I'm an International Student studying at Houston Community College to complete my associate degree in Nursing and possibly transfer to another university to complete my BSN in 2021. Most RN-BSN programs offer online courses but International Students are not permitted to take online classes so which universities offer the best/affordable on-campus RN-BSN programs? Thanks
  5. pioneer_MD

    International Students with ADN

    Hello fellow International Students who graduated and obtained an Associate Degree in Nursing, I have a few questions for ya. Did you apply for OPT after graduation after receiving your ADN? How and where did you apply (clinic, home health, hospital, etc) ? What is the process? If you didn't do any of the above, did you go straight to obtaining your BSN? How did that go?
  6. pioneer_MD

    HCC Coleman Nursing Spring 2020

    Can you add me to the group please? Thank you!
  7. pioneer_MD

    HCC Coleman Nursing Spring 2020

    Me too , Did you get the E-mail yesterday as well ? I guess we will wait until the others receive theirs
  8. pioneer_MD

    HCC Coleman Nursing Spring 2020

    Hello , I got into the Spring 2020 Cohort and hopefully most of you did too. I can make a GroupMe for everyone who got accepted
  9. Check UTH Portal, I got denied
  10. It is because they wrote my letter of denial for Fall 2019 on June 7th and I received it June 14th, the day before the announcement (June 15th) but today is Nov 14th so I should be getting a letter from them. I still haven't. And congrats on getting to another school! I pray that everyone who got denied by UTHealth gets into another school they applied to for Spring 2020.
  11. pioneer_MD

    HCC Coleman ADN SPRING 2020

    Hello I got accepted in the Spring 2020 cohort and submitted letter of intent Has anyone else been accepted
  12. pioneer_MD


    Thank you, I will contact Dr.Smith
  13. Hello everyone! I applied to UTHealth for Fall 2019 and got denied then applied again for Spring 2020 but I still have not heard back from them. One thing I know for sure is that they send out acceptances/waitlists first before sending out letters to those who are denied. So I guess I got denied then ?
  14. pioneer_MD


    Hi ! I have also applied for Spring 2020 but have not heard from Dr. Forest Smith as well. She stated that acceptances should be out by Mid-November. Does that imply I got denied as well?

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