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Question about Incomplete Clinicals


Hello fellow nursing students, 

I am an ADN student and unfortunately, my graduation got delayed which affected the completion of my clinical courses. My college marked all of my clinical courses incomplete or (I) this year because we only completed the virtual portion of it.

On the bright side, we will be completing our clinical courses in-person this coming semester (Spring 2021) and graduate right after Summer. Most of you are probably experiencing this dilemma as well so I just need some clarification. 

The total credit hours of the incomplete clinical courses that I will be taking next semester is 8-credit hours. Will those incomplete courses count next semester? 

I am aware that it varies between colleges but I am really perplexed because there is no way I'm taking 0 credits next semester if the 8-credit hours will not count. 

There is one grade for the course? Not a separate one for the clinical portion?Count for what? Your overall GPA? I would imagine that once your clinical course is completed, at the end of next semester, your grade for that course will change from I to another letter grade, and your GPA will adjust accordingly. Right now, with an I, you have 0 points for those units attempted. You won’t get credit until the final grade is entered. If you are concerned about going to school and not getting more progress points, take another class to go along with the clinical. Take a course that interests you.