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O.R. (CNOR), E.R., and School Nurse
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NCKate is a BSN, RN and specializes in O.R. (CNOR), E.R., and School Nurse.

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  1. NCKate

    Duke Fall MSN 2020

    @Nurse Felly Was it for the FNP program? Did they tell you how many people applied or what made them not pick you? When I was applying to new grad programs in LA I called HR when I wasn't picked, and the woman told me 2500+ people applied and only 30 got picked.
  2. NCKate

    Duke Fall MSN 2020

    @myischmo I’m confused, so everyone who applied got that email? I was also sent an email to create an account for Duke’s OneLink which allows me to follow the interview/application process. (At least that’s what the email said.) Not so sure why they wouldn’t just send out a “sorry you didn’t get picked” email. Thanks for all the information
  3. Hi! I worked for Keck Medical Center of USC (4 years) and I've worked with people who went to both. The experience/exposure the ones from County got were far better than the ones who graduated from Glendale. However, I've heard negative stories from everyone. I do think Glendale has a better reputation for their teachers taking time with their students. To be honest, go with whatever school you think will work best with your life/family. A friend of mine just graduated from Glendale and she was able to be a wife/mom to her husband and two boys AND still work, so it was a win-win-win. Good luck and you got this!

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