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  1. noahsmom06

    Chamberlain College of Nursing~New Thread~

    Welcome to CCN! I started the program this past July and I am now at the end of Trimester 1 - woo hoo! So far, it has been great for me. The nervous jitters are normal. It does seem disorganized a lot of the time - but so far everything has ended up working out fine for me. I really like the online format - but just as a word of advice - keep up with the reading! Anyway, congrats on the acceptance. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me - I'll try to answer the best I can.
  2. noahsmom06

    Beckfield college

    I just saw your post today. I live in Erlanger (about 5 minutes from Florence). I looked into Beckfield for the RN program but am still undecided as to where to attend. I have spoke with several people who have attended in the past and they have all spoke highly of the program.