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  1. Hey guys... I have a major concern that my administration just brought to my attention. We have a student who will be arriving from Hong Kong next Thursday. There have been 8 confirmed cases of the Corona virus in Hong Kong. The student themselves has not been confirmed to have the disease, but given the recent news, we are all very concerned about whether or not to accept this student. I have emailed my lead nurse as well as our health department leader and am awaiting their response. Can we even accept medical clearance from a doctor and allow them to come to our school? I'm so nervous because I have absolutely no experience in dealing with this sort of thing. Any advice would be appreciated. I am just very concerned about the safety of our students and staff.
  2. NurseAlice

    5th Disease rash... Exclude or not?

    You all helped me out so well last time I decided to come back! So... I have been getting a lot of students come to the clinic with red cheeks, arms, and legs. A few students who I sent home were confirmed to have the 5th disease virus (slapped cheek). As we know, the lacy rash is the only way to tell if a child has had the disease, and by the time you see it they are no longer contagious. The best I can do is identify classes or siblings of students with the tell-tale rash in hopes of preventing it from spreading. We do have a few teachers/staff who are pregnant (including myself ), but our principal already had us go and get blood work done. Since this occurrence, a lot of teachers have been sending students with rashes down fearing that they may have the disease. I have explained that there if there are no other symptoms (fever/flu-like), they are likely no longer contagious. Though I do notify their parents, should I still send the students home at this point? Our school handbook is very vague with rashes. As long as the rash is not accompanied by fever, excessive itching, or drainage/open areas, I assumed they are ok to remain at school. I sometimes have a hard time calling skin problems when I see them. How do you deal with 5th disease and rashes at your school?
  3. NurseAlice

    Incident reports

    Hello! This is my second year as a school nurse and I am so glad that I stumbled upon this group. You all have been such a big help to me so far! I had a question about incident reporting in school. When do you do it? I know there are obvious times like serious injuries, altercations between students, or any situation that might warrant further investigation. Whoever was around or in charge at the time of the incident fills it out, and I add what I did to help the student. But let's say a student received a minor scratch at PE or recess and his parent was notified. Would I still write one then? It seems a bit tedious to have to write one for every little injury that comes to me. Where do you draw the line?

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