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    Is Nursing a Profession?

    Telling the World In preparation for a project in my BSN program at James Madison University, we were given the assignment, "Tell the World," what it means to me being a nurse. Then, present it publicly for all to read. “Blow my horn," they said, this is not something I’m comfortable with and finding a way to do it wasn’t an easy process. During a discussion assignment on defining nursing, one question we were asked to reply to was, "Is nursing a profession?" To search for the answer to this question, I turned to read "From Silence to Voice," a text for this course, I would suggest all nurses read. This book has some insightful thoughts and suggestions all nurses need to consider along with a chapter on the DAISY dilemma. That single question stuck with me. How could it be possible that nursing isn’t a profession? This I continued to ask myself. As a nurse, I sat back and thought about that question often afterward. Of course, it's a profession; I’m a professional, so it must be. Working a prior life of EMS and being a professional firefighter before my nursing career, I am a professional by definition, right? Well, maybe not. Webster's dictionary's (1997) medical definition of a profession is as follows: A calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation. The whole body of persons engaged in a calling. From this definition, I am all that, right? The Answer So after hours of thoughts, research, and painstaking debate, the answer was right in front of me. On top of my dresser sits my DAISY award sculpture and, thus, my opportunity to “blow my horn." I received this sculpture while working in the Cardiothoracic Post Operative Intensive Care Unit (TCVPO) at the University of Virginia. Being a DAISY Award recipient,along with what the family wrote, answers this definition of a profession. Amongst every employee and nomination at such a large facility, I received this award for my care and professionalism. Here I will share what this thoughtful family wrote of my nursing care and, in turn, tell the world. Does that Say Nursing is a Profession? Arguably I must say “YES”, all nurses are professional, and by definition, nursing is a profession. This statement by the family speaks of clinical knowledge, collaboration, and patient advocacy. I look back at my time in this unit with great admiration for the expertise and clinical experience I gained. There is no other hospital that I have worked in since that can compare to all the nurses, patient care technicians, and doctors that make UVA great. One must not forget that all healthcare professionals daily have and make Daisy moments; it doesn’t take sculptures to be a professional. How we sculpt our practice daily makes us professionals. Tell The World Project WC edit.edited.docx
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    Is Nursing a Profession?

    I would completely agree with that statement.