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sal97 is a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. sal97

    CHOP 2020?

    It doesn’t hurt to call or email. When do you start? I would do it ASAP just to be on the safe side.
  2. sal97

    CHOP Video Interview

    No problem!! I hope you get it!
  3. sal97

    CHOP Video Interview

    My experience with interviewing with the NICU was mainly situational questions (very average), if you went through the video interview the questions are similar. My manager basically looked at my resume and asked questions based on my answer. Research the institution (mission statement) and the unit you’ll be on. Make sure you ask questions at the end, there are tons of YouTube videos about nursing interviews that give great examples. For shadowing, it’s important to show that you’ll be able to work as apart of the team. Offer your help with whatever you can do (calming a crying baby, talk with family about their baby) and ask question!! Whether it be about the staff (how long have you been in the NICU, what do you love about it, what did you find difficult about the transition, etc) or ask about the babies (their diagnoses, how they usually handle caring for that baby, what diagnoses they usually see on the floor, etc). Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! I start next week and I’m so excited about it, the unit is incredible from the staff to the patients and their families.
  4. sal97

    Another lost new grad

    Take what you can get right now, there’s a nursing shortage but there isn’t enough jobs that are friendly for new grads, so needless to say it’s tough right now. Nursing home experience is just as good as hospital experience. And if you feel like you need more time orienting, don’t be scared to mention that.
  5. sal97

    Not eligible for rehire

    I was in the same position as a student nurse. Got a job at a PCT in a hospital just to gain experience, but couldn’t make the orientation dates they needed me to (originally told me it was one day but the week before I was told it’s 2 days), they ended up letting me go. Fast-forward to today, I graduated in May and recently accepted a nursing position at a children’s hospital for their NICU. I never thought I would get a job because i had no experience, let alone something in intensive care. Sometimes you have to look at situations like this as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. This absolutely will not ruin your career.
  6. sal97

    CHOP Video Interview

    Their interviews are pretty average with the usual situational questions. As for shadowing, this is where you really get to sell yourself because the nurse you will shadow turns in an evaluation form at the end of the day. For me, it was my ticket in because I felt my interview was nothing special. Be very helpful (even if there isn’t anything you can do, offer it anyway) and ask questions, get to know the people on the unit because they are who you’ll be working with, if they don’t think you’ll be a good fit they’ll let the nurse manager know.
  7. sal97

    CHOP Video Interview

    I just got hired but I’m on a specific unit Good luck to everyone who has an interview next week! CHOP has some of the friendliest staff I’ve seen. I hope to see you all in the January cohort!
  8. sal97

    CHOP 2020?

    Hey!! There’s a January 2020 cohort coming up, I’m not sure if the application is still up but I would def check it out! I’ll be in the NICU
  9. sal97


    Yes I’m super excited!! I did have a video interview! I would say make sure you have a simple background, dress nice, and make sure you have good lighting. As far as questions go I had things like: 1. Why CHOP 2. A time you didn’t meet a deadline and how you handled it. 3. A time you stood up for someone who wasn’t present. 4. A time you saw something wasn’t right and what you did about it (advocating). 5. Where are you interested in working (what unit)? This is an answer you’d type, I said the NICU which is what I got an email from HR to interview for! Im not sure you’d get the same questions but it doesn’t hurt to practice with these! Good luck, I wish you the best!!
  10. The predictors are a beast but Cathy Parkes’ videos really helped me! I would try watching all of them if you have the time but it’s a lot. Also if you have the ATI NCLEX review book I’d skim through that. 

    1. Jojoc21


      Where can I find thag Cathy Parkes video? Thank you so much

    2. sal97

      sal97, BSN, RN

      They’re on YouTube! Just search her name. 

  11. sal97


    Hey everyone!! I got a call to interview for CHOP’s NICU (through their new grad program), I’m super excited but I just wanted to know what your guys experience was with the in person interview! Even if it wasn’t on that floor, what kind of questions did they ask you and what did you do during while shadowing a nurse on your prospective floor? Thanks!!
  12. Hello! I was just recently accepted into the CHOP new grad pool and was emailed about a second interview for their NICU (which I’m so very excited for), I just wanted some insight on what to expect (interview questions, what goes on while shadowing a nurse, etc.). Anything would be helpful, even if your experience wasn’t in the NICU! Thanks so much!!

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