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  1. Anon1995


    Yes I’m super excited!! I did have a video interview! I would say make sure you have a simple background, dress nice, and make sure you have good lighting. As far as questions go I had things like: 1. Why CHOP 2. A time you didn’t meet a deadline and how you handled it. 3. A time you stood up for someone who wasn’t present. 4. A time you saw something wasn’t right and what you did about it (advocating). 5. Where are you interested in working (what unit)? This is an answer you’d type, I said the NICU which is what I got an email from HR to interview for! Im not sure you’d get the same questions but it doesn’t hurt to practice with these! Good luck, I wish you the best!!
  2. The predictors are a beast but Cathy Parkes’ videos really helped me! I would try watching all of them if you have the time but it’s a lot. Also if you have the ATI NCLEX review book I’d skim through that. 

    1. Jojoc21


      Where can I find thag Cathy Parkes video? Thank you so much

    2. Anon1995


      They’re on YouTube! Just search her name. 

  3. Anon1995


    Hey everyone!! I got a call to interview for CHOP’s NICU (through their new grad program), I’m super excited but I just wanted to know what your guys experience was with the in person interview! Even if it wasn’t on that floor, what kind of questions did they ask you and what did you do during while shadowing a nurse on your prospective floor? Thanks!!
  4. Anon1995

    CHOP NICU (nurse residency program)

    Hello! I was just recently accepted into the CHOP new grad pool and was emailed about a second interview for their NICU (which I’m so very excited for), I just wanted some insight on what to expect (interview questions, what goes on while shadowing a nurse, etc.). Anything would be helpful, even if your experience wasn’t in the NICU! Thanks so much!!