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    ALL B's in my science

    Hi, I hope you guys can be nice and honest. So I'm thinking of applying to an ADN program for nursing. I'm worried I'm not good enough to apply for the nursing program. Here's some history my freshmen year I failed anatomy then retook it during summer got a B, physiology I got a B first try and same with Chem I got a B and I'm currently going to take microbiology. For some reason, I study really hard but can't get higher than a B+ I'm not a good test taker I always have a fear of failing and it gets to me. The reason I think I won't get into any program was that I failed anatomy. The reason why I failed was that I was super depressed I went away to college I'm first-generation came from a super poor family as a child, I been on my own ever since I was 17 working since high school and was dealing with financial issues. I know that's not an excuse and I learned from it. Please give me tips.