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Hi there, I'm Meagan! After 8 years as a nurse in Telemetry and CHF, I am now on a journey to reignite my passion for writing.

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Meagan has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CHF.

My nursing journey began on a busy Progressive Care / Telemetry unit. This unit built my foundation for nursing and it's where I fell in love with Cardiology. After my grandmother passed away from CHF, I left Telemetry to work for a Congestive Heart Failure Clinic. I obtained my certification as a CHFN and still work in CHF today. I love this patient population and have learned so much caring for them. As many nurses do, I am now on a new journey - to reignite my passion for writing. I hope to share many things I've learned with you and inspire you to be the nurse you've always wanted to be. Happy reading!

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  1. My Life as a Nurse

    Wow! I loved reading this and really felt your passion and true love for your career as a nurse through your stories. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. We need more nurses like you today :)
  2. A Letter to my Hospice Patient

    To the Patient I’ll Never ForgetWhen we first met, it was my third year of nursing. I was young and excited to start my new job in the clinic. You were in your 80's, and had been through a lot - Heart Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and no...
  3. I work in a CHF clinic, so the focus with low sodium diet is specific to fluid retention and symptom management. For us, it's about the overnight weight gain that can accompany those high sodium foods. A Liter of fluid weighs around 2 lb, so in a pat...
  4. Thank you for your response! We have a wonderful case management team in the facility I work in, but I do think they have to share the units and that can be so time consuming. Although discharging a patient is definitely a team effort, in my experien...
  5. Thank you for your response. I can certainly appreciate the need to better study the effects of an increased or reduced sodium diet on patients patient as it pertains to patient outcomes. I also like to look at lower sodium diets as a more health con...
  6. Thank you so much for your response. In my area we also struggle with transportation and lack of grocery store choices. We have several patients that are limited to food that is given from food pantries. I will often times try to help them maximize o...
  7. What do your patients typically say when you tell them they need to reduce their dietary sodium? I hear, “What is sodium anyways?” Guess what? - Its salt! And in my clinic, most patients have never heard this before. As a heart failure nurse, teachin...
  8. While we were arguing; We disappeared

    In our hospital we have the color coated scrub system, but we also have badges with large lettering to indicate our positions. We have to wear two so that if our badge is turned around anyone can still see it.
  9. I failed twice, please help!!

    If your personal goal is to become a nurse, don't let what your instructor says get you down! Dust yourself off and keep trying. If this school doesn't work out, do what you have to do to get into another one. Retake some of your undergrad classes to...
  10. What made you leave bedside?

    The only reason I left the bedside was because I knew that CHF was a passion of mine, and I had to follow it. I will tell you, it took me a long time to adjust to working Monday-Friday and depending on where you work, it may not be any less stressful...
  11. RN career development path

    There are some certifications out there that she could obtain in order to be certified to provide dietetic education, like a CNS or a wellness coach. As an RN she will always have to work under a physician's orders. I don't know if RD's really prescr...
  12. MSN but offered the salary of ADN

    The hospitals in my area just recently changed the pay scale for ADN vs BSN and it wasn't by much.. Is there any reason you aren't reaching for an upper level position now that you have you MSN?
  13. Best experience for a new grad?

    Does your hospital do a graduate-nurse residency? The fact that you are a new grad could be used to your advantage and you could start working on the unit you really want to without having to build up the experience first.
  14. Am I too stupid to be a nurse?

    You made some really good points here, and I can tell you from my personal experience with anxiety and my first nursing job felt the same in many ways. Try to find a little bit of light if you can. Maybe you needed a different preceptor, or a differe...
  15. Ever wonder what happens to your patient after they get discharged from the hospital? I'm here to tell you, it can be kind of scary. As a long time ambulatory CHF clinic nurse, I am sometimes the first health care provider to see a patient after...