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  1. SansNom

    Where do you go when you don't trust official data sources?

    There is no doubt that many, many people don't understand how masks work and often misuse them. That does not negate the fact that when used correctly, masks help. Personally, now that masks mandates in my area are non-existent, I usually carry...
  2. SansNom

    Where do you go when you don't trust official data sources?

    I too have been talking/thinking/reading/watching all things covid-related practically nonstop since the beginning of the pandemic. Mostly because I'm interested and want to know all that I can, and partly also because I'm a healthcare professional a...
  3. SansNom

    So, It's Come To This...

    I say screw it. Let specific clinics and hospitals cater to the anti-vaxx, pseudo-science crowd and let's study it. Let them open Ivermectin/Hydroxychloroquine clinics, where none of the staff are vaxxed and the docs and can give any drug they feel l...
  4. SansNom

    What would you do?

    If she's actually trying to get rid of you, it sounds like she would take this opportunity and not try to bad talk you knowing this could be her chance to get rid of you.
  5. SansNom

    Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    I agree with you, but I think to many people it is more than just a scientific question and more of a philosophical question. The idea of "forcing" anyone to take an injection seems unacceptable, and frankly I would agree with that purely on a philos...
  6. SansNom

    Delta Variant is Spreading Like Wildfire in Florida

    Curious question for you and whoever might have a good idea about this. I'm vaccinated and I support them, but with so many vaccinated currently contracting covid (I actually just got my positive PCR results today unfortunately), is there not a highe...
  7. SansNom

    Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    Um......which one of those examples is transmitted via droplets when in close proximity to someone? My sexual preference does not affect my patients well being. Nothing you do with your patients should come anywhere near risking transmitting ...
  8. SansNom

    Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    no, but it can be an increased risk for a patient. one that could be easily avoided.
  9. SansNom

    Gross Me Out ? Contest | Nurses Week

    Our ER had an "extra plus sized" patient come in for some reason that is beside the point of the story, but the patient had a particularly bad odor. Needless to say, the ER did not get around to cleaning up the patient and sent them on to the ICU, wh...
  10. SansNom

    Does the shot mess with your DNA?

    I hope the OP isn't a nurse, because it makes me sad to know that a nurse is out there practicing who either a) doesn't remember some biology basics, b) is too lazy to research and refresh said biology basics, or c) doesn't believe the science behind...
  11. SansNom

    Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    We had a big drop in numbers around the end of January/beginning of February and then a small rise around the beginning of March and ever since things have been at a kind of equilibrium, fluctuating slightly up and down but no significant changes. Mo...
  12. SansNom

    climate change and nursing

    In general, I don't think most people think of climate change as being directly connected to the nursing job itself. Sure, individual nurses might be concerned about it, but I've never heard a question like this before, nor have I ever really thought...
  13. SansNom

    The Wage Gap Myth

    You do realize your two points literally conflict each other, right? Don't cause any drama.......but be more disagreeable?
  14. SansNom

    Getting harassed at work and not sure what to do about it?

    Sounds to me like there's a lot more nuance to the story than the OP is sharing. Just randomly offering a ride? Waiting 2 days for a response? Now there's a weird dynamic with everyone at work created because of it? Just doesn't add up.
  15. SansNom

    Please tell me it’s just Medsurg!!

    I have worked primarily in critical care over the last few years, but I'm currently in a float pool and work throughout two different hospitals (as well as PICC team) and have also travel nursed through a few different hospitals and I can say that wh...

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