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    Current Nurse Seeking Advice

    Hello to all, I am a current MICU nurse at a level 1 trauma hospital with roughly 2 years experience. I am extremely passionate and dedicated to becoming a CRNA, but I seem to have hit rock bottom at the moment. Reading some of the statistics that I come across on this website has put me in a spot where I feel like it will be highly unlikely for me to get into a school, and I just seem to be lost as to what my next step should be. I am planning on applying to schools all over the country, I've retaken all the classes that I have scored subpar in, and I'm involved in many committees/ community work. Any insight/ tips someone can give me will greatly be appreciated! My current stats: cumulative undergrad GPA: 3.181 (Prior to retaking my classes it was 2.956. I've gotten A's in all the classes I've retaken.) Cumulative science GPA: 3.68 CCRN, ACLS, BLS, PALS certified. I plan on taking my GRE relatively soon.