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  1. Courtshort

    Accelerated Anatomy Physiology classes in CA?

    Hey! It’s definitely the more expensive route, but Southern California University of health Sciences in Whittier (Orange County) offers 4-week pre-requisite classes. I took A&P I, II and Microbiology in 12 weeks and was able to apply to ABSN programs in the fall. Definitely a rigorous course load as each class is only 4 weeks, but if you give it 100% you’re definitely able to get A’s.
  2. Courtshort

    SUNY Brockport ABSN 2020

    @ToniFutureRN Great, thank you so much!
  3. Courtshort

    SUNY Brockport ABSN 2020

    @aconnollyrn hey, sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve looked at this thread! My two favorites have been Straight A Nursing and Nursing Uncensored on Spotify. They’re nice to listen to at the gym or driving! I just received the email about orientation being moved to April 4th, instead of April 11th. Just curious if y’all have received any other news or information regarding tuition, credits per semester, and tentative schedule? Excited to meet you all at orientation, and hope everyone is enjoying their last few months of freedom before we buckle down!
  4. Courtshort

    SUNY Brockport ABSN 2020

    Hey! Has anyone applied for the 2nd degree program at SUNY Brockport for the May, 2020 start? I haven’t seen a form yet for this upcoming cohort. I just received an email today stating that I have been accepted. I had to pinch myself! The director had told me we wouldn’t hear back until the beginning of January, so this was pretty shocking. Did anyone else hear back?

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