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  1. There are a few medical assisting certification exams and I’m not sure which to take. Anyone have any recommendations? I’m in California if that makes a difference.
  2. jennmargar

    Never getting into nursing school...

    I’ve felt what you have felt. I have applied to nursing school 3 times and was never accepted. However I will not give up and if this is something you really want, don’t give up either. Apply to other schools, volunteer, maybe apply for a caregiver job or take a CNA course. Many schools look at other things besides grades and scores. I wish I knew that three years ago when I was just applying to my local CC.
  3. jennmargar

    MA Bay Area

    Any MAs and/or MA student in the Bay Area here? If so where did you go? My program has been so slow assigning me an externship site. I’m ready to start work already.
  4. jennmargar

    Taking the TEAS this Saturday

    Thanks! I wish I would have gotten this a couple days ago. I already took the test. I took the paper and pencil version so I don’t have my results yet. It was easier than expected. Except for the science portion. I feel like I studied the wrong things. This link will definitely be helpful for anyone else that reads this post or if I feel like I need to take the TEAS again. Fingers crossed that I don’t.
  5. jennmargar

    Taking the TEAS this Saturday

    I’m taking the TEAS this Saturday and I don’t feel prepared. I’ve been passively studying for months and just really started to buckle down and study the past two weeks. I still don’t feel like I’ve covered everything. Chemistry, microbiology, and math are my weak areas. I’m nervous and feeling a bit discouraged. For those who have taken it recently, is there a lot of material on chemistry and microbiology?
  6. jennmargar

    Expungment. Feeling overwhelmed

    I’m not sure. I was able to get a dismissal but an attorney for a clean slate program I talked to the other day said I wouldn’t be able to get an expungement because I was arrested and convicted.
  7. jennmargar

    Expungment. Feeling overwhelmed

    I have two charges. Misdemeanor battery. One from 11 years ago and another from 6 years ago. Both in California from two different counties. I’m trying to file the petitions myself through efile but they keep getting rejected and I contact the county’s law library, they sent me everything I need to do and yet still rejected. Anyone else tried to petition for expungement without a lawyer? Specifically in California?
  8. jennmargar

    Can I take the TEAS at a school I am not applying to?

    Thank you so much for your response.
  9. The closest location that is giving the TEAS is at a school I am not applying to (they have a recency on sciences classes). Would I be able to take the test there and send my results to the schools I am actually applying to?
  10. jennmargar

    Fourth year applying to nursing school

    Thanks! I have 3 CCs on my list that I will be applying to. I’ll look into Midwest colleges as well.
  11. jennmargar

    Fourth year applying to nursing school

    Thank you for your advice. I'm not sure I would be able to move out of state. Perhaps somewhere close to California if I were able to. I guess my best option is to take all classes over again.
  12. So this will be my fourth year applying to nursing school. I started my prerequisites in 2012 and finished them all four years ago. I got As in anatomy and physiology and Cs in chemistry and microbiology(I repeated microbiology 3 times. I know really bad). Back then i had no idea how competitive nursing programs are. I feel so discouraged because of my grades and repeats and now there’s the fact that I took A&P 7 years ago. The first three years I only applied to Merritt College and Los Medanos. After finally discovering that there are more schools, this time I will be applying to Los Medanos, American River College, San Joaquin Delta College, SFSU, USF, and Samuel Merritt University. Hopefully I get luck this time around. If not my plan b is to work toward a BS in physiology and apply for an MSN program. Anyone else in a similar situation as I am?

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