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  1. jennmargar

    Expungment. Feeling overwhelmed

    I have two charges. Misdemeanor battery. One from 11 years ago and another from 6 years ago. Both in California from two different counties. I’m trying to file the petitions myself through efile but they keep getting rejected and I contact the county’s law library, they sent me everything I need to do and yet still rejected. Anyone else tried to petition for expungement without a lawyer? Specifically in California?
  2. jennmargar

    Can I take the TEAS at a school I am not applying to?

    Thank you so much for your response.
  3. The closest location that is giving the TEAS is at a school I am not applying to (they have a recency on sciences classes). Would I be able to take the test there and send my results to the schools I am actually applying to?
  4. jennmargar

    Fourth year applying to nursing school

    Thanks! I have 3 CCs on my list that I will be applying to. I’ll look into Midwest colleges as well.
  5. jennmargar

    Fourth year applying to nursing school

    Thank you for your advice. I'm not sure I would be able to move out of state. Perhaps somewhere close to California if I were able to. I guess my best option is to take all classes over again.
  6. So this will be my fourth year applying to nursing school. I started my prerequisites in 2012 and finished them all four years ago. I got As in anatomy and physiology and Cs in chemistry and microbiology(I repeated microbiology 3 times. I know really bad). Back then i had no idea how competitive nursing programs are. I feel so discouraged because of my grades and repeats and now there’s the fact that I took A&P 7 years ago. The first three years I only applied to Merritt College and Los Medanos. After finally discovering that there are more schools, this time I will be applying to Los Medanos, American River College, San Joaquin Delta College, SFSU, USF, and Samuel Merritt University. Hopefully I get luck this time around. If not my plan b is to work toward a BS in physiology and apply for an MSN program. Anyone else in a similar situation as I am?