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angelsigns has 7 years experience and specializes in cardiac.

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  1. How to handle unhealthy work environment?

    Hello, I am a nurse in CA with over 5 years bedside experience, specifically ICU. I recently left the ICU for a position at an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) as a preop/recovery nurse. I was excited leaving bedside after being super burnt out from t...
  2. Nursing job with routine

    thank you, I have considered it but I am at a point where I am so tired of bedside nursing that I don't want any part of it at all, even in the NICU I actually did try Cath lab for a while but went back to what I was doing because I didn't li...
  3. Nursing job with routine

    Hello, I have been a bedside nurse for almost 5 years. I did cardiac tele for 4.5 years and just moved to cardiac ICU 7 months ago. I love my new role in the cardiac ICU. Everything is so interesting and fascinating to me, however, at the end of the ...
  4. Leaving bedside for health concerns

    Hello, This is my 4th year of nursing. I have worked 3 years on a step down cardiac tele floor where I have worked as a preceptor and charge nurse. I left 3 months ago to the cardiac icu in hopes of having a better job experience. I was hoping to fi...
  5. I was diagnosed earlier this year with Bipolar disorder type 2. I have had symptoms for many years since when I was 12-13 years old. Up to when I was in college I never knew what my symptoms were from and once I became a nurse I think I considered if...
  6. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I was at work on my cardiac unit, it was 6:00 p.m., and we had gotten a patient from the ED. He was an elderly man that was in horrible shape, he looked like he was dying. My friend who was his nurse had paged the Dr to receive orders. His call light...
  7. Improving critical thinking

    I think you being cognizant that you want to be detail oriented already puts you ahead of the game. Take notes throughout the day of your patients activity. I write to do lists that help me stay organized. As far as knowing when to contact the doctor...
  8. Feeling lost in my nursing career

    With my experience and having gone through the same thing, I think 6 months isn't fully enough to appreciate what the job has to offer. Sometimes particular ICU's are better to work in than others depending on what specific ICU you work in. If your h...
  9. What made you leave bedside?

    Hello, I am just wanting to hear from veteran and newbie nurses, what made you decide to leave bedside and why or what did you use to factor in your decision to leave? I want to leave not because I hate it. I learned to love it. I had an up and down ...