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  1. GW vs Georgetown? Any opinions?

    1. agome029

      agome029, BSN

      The cheapest place you can find!!!!  Doesn’t matter when you go , as long as you get you liscense -/ you will get paid the same as a community collage nurse of from George Town - if you like Student loans or have the money - by all means do to George Town - 

    2. RockyMtnHi-ya


      I definitely wouldn't recommend attending the cheapest place you can find.  The certification exam is not easy and you'll regret picking your school based on cost versus quality when exam day arrives.  I met through my clinical rotations a number of NP students who went the cheap route and were behind the curve, both in terms of clinical knowledge and skills, and with regard to certification.  Your pay may be the same regardless of your alma mater, but the quality of the education you receive will play a major role in whether you are able to qualify for an advanced-practice position. 


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