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  1. hey sirmtea06 i saw on the forum that you were concerned about your overall gpa. i was denied acceptance into the lpn to bsn program because my overall was 2.99. i was told they didn’t even look at rest of my application because of that. even though i was valedictorian of my lpn class and received mostly As for my pre-reqs. Do you know what your overall gpa is? i’m just trying to figure out if what they are saying is true or if there is another reason. 



    1. SirMtea06


      Hi Emily, my overall GPA was a 3.5-3.6. I think they factor in at least if you have a 3.0 into the decision alongside with the other criteria. I'm shocked that they didn't let you in with that close to the minimum. 😞

      I suggest talking to them again if that works. What were your TEAS score if you don't mind me asking? If it comes to not working out, are you going to apply for the next cycle? 

    2. seagangsta


      My teas score was a 79.7. I’m just confused as to why they wouldn’t look at my application if it was .01 off of the minimum. Or why they would even care what kind of grades I received 10 years ago 🤷🏻‍♀️Sucks, but I’m sure after this semester it will bump it up to a 3.0. I’ll definitely try and apply again.

    3. SirMtea06


      Yeah, that does. I hope you the best though! Good luck with everything!


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