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    TEAS -

    Hi! I took the Teas test today! I just wanted to say IT WILL BE OK! Lol if any of you are like me, then you are highly nervous and anxious about the test. I was pleasantly surprised on how easy the test was. The math section was not difficult. I would say know your conversions. You should know fractions, percents, percent increase, also how to place decimals and fractions from least to greatest etc...For the reading section, I would say don’t skim it because you will waste time going back to passage to find answers . I read the questions first then I read the passage once thoroughly and was able to answer the questions. The science part was not super deep. My test had nothing on Transcription translation, had zero on krebs. I remember one question that wasn’t hard but I went blank on it, it asked me what part of the cell is associated with the basal body. When I looked at the multiple choice answers that were given, it was easy to pick the answer. They throw in some answers that clearly are wrong. I would say know hormones and the glands they are associated with..know digestive enzymes and what they breakdown... know DNA.. know RNA.. Know Ph..know some chem how to balance an equation and the periodic table. The question I remember was not difficult it had given the atomic number then asked how many electrons the element had....know the heart/flow of blood.. know pancreas and beta cells...definitely study the system’s but don’t overload yourself with fine details. I found it was not digging deep. I would say the English part gave me a little trouble. It asked questions like is accommadate or accommodate spelled correctly. In which sentence does the subject and verb agree... I’d say know parts of a sentence WELL.... know when to use a semicolon ...adverbs, conjunctions etc. You would think that the English part would be the easiest, I know I sure did. Until you read the questions and at least 2 of the answers seem right. I bought the study workbook from the ATI site but I was not happy with how brief it was. I then bought the Mometrix ATI secrets study guide and I used YouTube to further go into what I was not solid on. I did take A&P 1 and 2 in college so that definitely was a plus. I don’t know if this will help anyone but I know I came here a few times to read other post and they helped me some so I’m hoping to add to that. Good Luck to everyone who’s taking the test!