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    What will happen to my Tourist Visa?

    Your tourist visa is valid until the expiration date. I just returned from a holiday in the East Coast. Nothing unusual happened despite the fact that I'm undergoing CP right now.
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    How to review?

    Actually, Kaplan rationales can be found in Saunders Compre book explained in more details. What I did with the 5-pounder Saunders Compre book (yes, I weighed it!) was to tear it apart and re-grouped it according to body systems with the corresponding medications chapters behind, stapled together. It was very convenient to bring whatever chapter I'm in anywhere. Btw, I thank Suzanne for introducing me to this amazing book.:icon_hug:
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    How to review?

    Saunders for Comprehensive review. Kaplan for critical thinking questions. Lippincott's for alternative-type questions. If one is running out of time, Saunders Compre review is the best because if you know the basics, even if the questions are as hard as kaplan's or the ncsbn's at that, or as easy as the Saunders Q & A, you will definitely know the answer. But, if one will just rely on practicing answering critically without completing the basics, you will definitely lose the question, sometimes without even being aware of what happened. That's the sadder part. So, my conclusion, Saunders Comprehensive Review is the best help! I'll keep you posted if I'll pass the NCLEX with this. The best for your exam!
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    Alternative format questions

    Thanks, Tabby! I will keep this in mind when I take my exam very soon. a good day to you!
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    need a test taking tips!

    The NCLEX Discussion forum here under the Nursing Student Forum is very informative and encouraging. Try to read the threads there.
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    short cut to remember!nclex study tip...

    Antidotes: In Heaven, there is Peace (Heparin - Protamine sulfate) In War, there is Killing (Warfarin - Vit. K)
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    short cut to remember!nclex study tip...

    Mag Sulfate (:Melody: Sung to the tune of "Achy,Breaky Heart") Decreased BP, Decreased Pee Pee, These are toxic signs of Mag Sulfate. Drop in respiratory rate, Patellar reflex there ain't, Give antidote calcium gluconate! (One more time) *taken from the Pharma Book Made Insanely Easy by Manning and Rayfield.
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    Alternative format questions

    I have the same predicament. It's worrying since it's the computer who accepts/refuses the answers. My problem is rounding-off numerical answers for the blank-type of questions. How many digits to the right of the point will the computer accept? Like, should I type 12.906, 12.91, 13, 13.0? I'm also confused! Please, help. Thanks.
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    TO ALL NCLEX Exam takers

    About four years ago, I used the Hotel.Travel domain for booking a hotel in Bangkok and two years ago in Singapore. I didn't encounter any problem either regarding on-line credit transaction security. My account there is still active up to now and so far, no unauthorized transactions surfaced (thank God!). So, how will you rate the Metropark Causeway, Bonsai? I'm sure the rooms are small that's why I reserved a standard harbourview room (hoping they would upgrade me to the executive suites ..hehe..as what most hotel reviewers claim). I intentionally opted to choose this hotel to stay away from the touristy areas. Anyway, public transport system in HK is very efficient, esp the MTR. Which room did you reserve? And on what floor did they put you? My exam is on the last week of February. Btw, Cathay Pacific Airways Winter Promos this March are worth looking into. There's a package w/c includes 3D/2N accomodation in Lan Kwai Fong Hotel (which is one of the nearest hotels to the test site) on a twin-sharing basis, airport-hotel-airport transfers (this can be really expensive if not included in the package), and the economy class return flights, of course. Marco Polo/Asia Miles mileage accrual will not apply to the hotel,though, just the flight.:smilecoffeecup: For more info, you can log on to www.cathaypacific.com/ph .
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    a question regarding NY approval

    My suggestion to you is to wait for your eligibility from NY BON before registering in Pearsonvue. You don't know when your CVS will be submitted to NY BON from CGFNS. I submitted my applications to NY BON and CVS last March 2006. After two weeks, I received the NCLEX Pearsonvue Registration forms fr NY BON. In my excitement, I immediately registered on-line. Months passed but still no CVS submitted to NY BON. September 2006 I decided to send another NCLEX application, this time to Vermont BON. I constantly emailed VT BON that my Pearsonvue registration will soon expire March of 2007. ATT was released to me last December 2006 from the VT BON. I paid Pearsonvue $50 more for changing my BON. Yes, I'm soon going to take my NCLEX this February. And my CVS status? Still, "ready for submission":lol2: !!!
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    a question regarding NY approval

    My suggestion to you is to wait for your eligibility from NY BON before registering in Pearsonvue.
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    Observations on Filipinos abroad!

    How about observations on Filipinos abroad beside USA, anyone?
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    Observations on Filipinos abroad!

    Dried Camias should be okey, especially the vacuum-packed kind. It's the Parol that might cause you inconvenience, if you're having it hand-carried. There is a size limit to the hand-carried items since they should fit the overhead compartment, or the space under the seat in front of you. You can go to your specific airline's website for the list of allowable hand-carried items on international flights. My experience in LAX, so far has been alright. Some custom officials might ask what is inside your Balikbayan box, or if you are carrying your Parol, what is it for. Mostly, if your stay is long, they won't mind our Balikbayan boxes. But, if they will see in your ticket that you are just staying for a few days or a week or two, and carrying 2 big boxes, they might get curious what is inside those boxes.
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    Observations on Filipinos abroad!

    I am used to cooking Adobo with calamansi (and using it as facial astringent as well ) . Substituting it with lemon (in adobo) , is ugh! Anyway, what I do whenever I go to US (East Coast) is bring the concentrated one you can buy from Greenhills Tiangge (the kind without the honey,of course!). In Australia I was once asked to throw my "baon" of calamansi in the green thrash can at the port of entry.
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    Congratulations to MISS GRACE DIWA

    Congratulations, Miss Grace Diwa!
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    help! having problem with online payment CES

    Just make sure you click the payment option ONCE. I paid all the CG SVCes on-line and never had a problem.
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    getting an AGENCY or DIRECT HIRING???

    Bullseye! I totally agree with you.