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  1. CHOP 2020?

    Check what your status is on your profile online! I thought I didn't get the position bc they told me I would hear back in 2 weeks, when really I heard back after 2 MONTHS!! The HR department there is super slow so I wouldn't give up yet also... Did...
  2. CHOP 2020?

    do you guys know if there is a certain time before we can internally transfer? Like is there a clause stating we have to be on the particular floor for at least _____ amount of years?
  3. CHOP 2020?

    they got back to me after like 2 months...I got an offer starting in Feb! How exciting!!
  4. I regret going into nursing-what should i do?

    Thank you, Janice! I appreciate your advice 🙂 Makes me feel better that there are nurses who genuinelly mean well
  5. I regret going into nursing-what should i do?

    I'm actually a very positive person naturally, but because I have become depressed, my thoughts have become more negative. I appreciate your input but I do not agree with you in terms of being a "bad co-worker." I'm a very nice person and I always tr...
  6. I regret going into nursing-what should i do?

    Wow, thank you so much for your advice!! Thank God I recently got offered 3 different positions so the search is over for me. I appreciate your comment so much it really made my day. I am definitely going to therapy once i start my new job (whichever...
  7. I regret going into nursing-what should i do?

    yes, i recently got offered 3 positions at the same time (from different hospitals). 1 position I interviewed for 2 months ago and they JUST got back to me thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to try to help me. I appreciate you so ...
  8. I regret going into nursing-what should i do?

    I think a lot of my problem was not depression coming through, but anxiety. I get very awkward and my voice shakes SO much...recently i got 3 different job offers so I think my search is over! i just have to decide. Thank you so much for commenting I...
  9. I regret going into nursing-what should i do?

    Thank you for commenting! I actually just got offered another position I'm really excited about! They took awhile to get back to me, but I'm glad my hunt is over. I have 3 different offers and now I just have to decide which I was having such a hard...
  10. I am so discouraged with this whole field. I'm starting to think I am just not cut out for this. I got a verbal offer for a CCU position at a local hospital, but they still have not reached out through email. I have been looking for a job for the pas...
  11. CHOP Video Interview

    Yeah same!! The recruiter told me In the beginning that they’re changing their system or something and that we’ll hear back in 2 weeks. I think we have to do the references in the mean time though
  12. CHOP Video Interview

    LMAO i'm gonna be there too!! haha how funny. It's weird when the online world collides with real life
  13. CHOP Video Interview

    Hey guys! I completed my video interview yesterday (11/19), and heard back today (11/20) that I am officially in the pool! Unfortunately idk how long it takes to get matched up with a position from a nurse manager but I'll let you guys know if I hear...
  14. Am I too stupid to be a nurse?

    lmaooo i thought the same thing! I was like dang does she know something I don't know??
  15. Am I too stupid to be a nurse?

    I will look into it if I become unemployed for too long! Thanks!! The first time I remember dealing with anxiety I was in middle school. It was VERY mild to the point I didn't even realize it was anxiety until further introspection/years later...anx...