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  1. Kristen1313

    Using RV for travel nursing housing

    Thanks for the info. It is just my husband and I, no pets or children. We are looking at maybe getting something smaller. 35ft?? Not sure if this will make much of a difference.
  2. Kristen1313

    Using RV for travel nursing housing

    Would like some input from my fellow travel nurses who utilize an RV as housing... My husband and I are both travel nurses, have been for over 4 years. We have been finding furnished apartments for the past 4 years. Some good, a some not good. We are looking into buying an RV as we have decided that we have no plans on stopping the travel nursing gig. Since this is a long term thing we are looking at bigger RV's, between 35-40 ft. Has any travel nurses that use an RV for housing have any issues finding RV spots throughout the country? We would like to travel both east and west coast minus California. All pros and cons are welcome. Thanks!