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    Dropped misdemeanor

    I just got provisionally accepted into a RN program pending the results of my background check and drug screen. I was charged with a misdemeanor about 4 years ago due to a piece of a marijuana joint found in my vehicle. I let them know it wasn't mine and that it could have been from any of the number of people who rode in my car with me on a regular basis. They didnt arrest me. I went to court and pleaded Not Guilty, did pretrial intervention since I couldn't prove that it wasn't mine, and did 15 hours of community service and the charge was dropped completely. Im not concerned about passing a drug screen but I am concerned about the background check. Would this even show up on the background check that the nursing department is going to do? It shows that it happened in my county public records but it clearly states that there was no conviction and the charges were dropped. I just dont know what to expect.