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  1. Hi @Panda123,

    I have an interview with Rhose on Wednesday, 1/22, for the cardiac tele unit at Swedish Medical Center. Do you have any advice or tips for me? Do you remember the questions that they asked you? She told me that it would be her, her supervisor, and 4-5 unit staff that will be in the interview.

    1. Panda123


      I interviews with Rhose, a supervisor, and one other staff who was acting as the scribe but also asked some questions too. I don't remember the exact questions because this interview I did was a month ago unfortunately. However, I would say for sure they asked basic questions like a time when you had coworker conflict, a time when you made a mistake, what your 5 year goal is, etc. Most of the questions are 2-3 part questions, but if you forgot to answer part of the question, they will remind you to help you get towards a good answer. 

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