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  1. Pharmacists admitted to BSN Program

    It is well
  2. Pharmacists admitted to BSN Program

    Thanks for your response. Well appreciated.
  3. Pharmacists admitted to BSN Program

    I am on a 20 weeks covid travel pharmacist contract with a starting agency. Do Google search for this if you are still on the market looking for job. Don't give up, I didn't just keep applying in every position of interest of which state you have li...
  4. Dear nurse Beth.

    I am a licensed pharmacist since 2012  and I had basically worked in the retail setting with little or no clinical/hospital experience in my field.  There was also a prior a disciplinary action in 2018 on the pharmacist license- and the reporter indicated on my pharmacist license ( negligence,  incompetent,  violation of public health code). (My pharmacist license is still active as I had done the rectification and CE they wanted me to do) I used to have my own little mom & pop independent RX store but eventually shot it down due to its overhead expenses and the pandemic. I am also as of today owing 200k from my pharmD student loans. Have been looking for job too but haven't obtained any. 

    In the interim I decided to start an online BSN program to add to my PharmD career. 

    My question now is I am had been accepted into the BSN nursing school  with tuition of 40k. I will be starting classes this week. please in your honest opinion should I continue.  Am I doing the right thing? ( In terms of financial debt and my background?

  5. I'm 50 Can I work full-time and attend nursing school?

    I am in the am situation but a little differs such that I am 44yo accepted into a BSN program. Already have 201, 000$ in student loans from my pharmacy carrer. Still applying to jobs in that field to see how and if I can balance it with this new pro...
  6. NA vs RN job offers

    So I have am about to start a BSN nursing program. Is it even worth it if there won't be jobs opportunities afterwards?
  7. Helo, I am in a little different situation, Had disciplinary action on a pharmD license, and now admitted to a BSN program? not sure if I should pursue it further or not because of that
  8. NA vs RN job offers

    Do you love being a nurse so far? I am 44yo, a pharmacist and thinking of career change to a nurse
  9. Is nursing a stressful job? Should I go for it or no

  10. Is nursing a stressful job? Should I go for it or no

  11. please Help me I got accepted to two BSN second degree program starting this fall, I can't make up my mind if I should go for it. I have heard nurses work extreme long hours and is a stressful job. please help me I have been jobless for almost one year as a PharmD degree, also I still have about 200k in student loans still on my head. 

  12. Hello,  TDB you are right. Already got accepted for the Accelerated BSN. My delimar is should I or I should not. ( to be very open, there was a prior disciplinary action on my license which had been taken of. ) Not sure if this will impact my going another medical career ?

  13. Pharmacists admitted to BSN Program

    From PharmD to BSN Program. OK, my orientation was yesterday --LOL.. still doing soul searching if this move is a right decision. please inputs are welcomed.
  14. Pharmacists admitted to BSN Program

    Hi, I don't want to relocate as my family is settled here in Michigan.
  15. Pharmacists admitted to BSN Program

    I am a pharmacist cant get job and want to be a nurse. Any input?