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  1. Krks

    Feeling incompetent

    So why am I feeling like I have lost motivation and steadfastness to go to work??
  2. Krks

    Feeling incompetent

    Has any new RN out there ever experienced the feeling of incompetency when you get on your first job and you feel like you forgotten everything you learned in school? time management for me hasn't been a problem to get ahold of, it's been what seems like a lot of lack of knowledge to be able to make nursing judgements for my patients. Feel like I forgotten the disease processes for some health issues and core symptoms and lab results to make any nursing judgements much less understanding my patients and to have a good report off for the next shift. I mean you have to sit down and really readthrough a lot of progress notes and history to understand fully what's fully going on your patient .... Am I wanting to know too much? Right now my shift reporting is not that great .... I feel like I need to know so much more about my patient and I feel like there's not time to do that.... Plus the EMR system where I am at is so visually tedious takes up so much time....I think some of this is some of the reasons why nurses don't care for clinical floor work or maybe I'm just not cut out for it..,
  3. Krks

    Something Has to Change

    I will be on nights....hoping I have just 2 more weeks of days orienting ..I am not a day person and 12 hrs are an adjustment...especially at 57!..time management is not too much of a problem for me right now as I have been in nursing as an LPN for 15 years..... it's just been a while since I've been on the clinical floor.. but it has not been too bad of an adjustment it's just the 12 hours..... My greatest focus and concern is obviously addjusting to the role of the RN and being able to spot and know signs and symptoms of various disease processes and interventions for that.. As well as knowing procedure and protocol for admissions and obviously getting used to the EMR my hospital has..it is not very visually appealing and a little difficult for me but I'll get a handle on it.... My goal is to be a case manager or patient care coordinator by two years time frame... Best of luck in your nursing career!
  4. Krks

    School Nurse Job Pros/Cons

    Thank you for your advice!
  5. Krks

    School Nurse Job Pros/Cons

    May have an opportunity for school nurse at a charter school...I'm a new RN BSN, worked over 10 years as lpn..worked in education 12 years teaching.,.at my age, over 50, this would be a good fit....pay is not bad...cons for me would be paying pet care over 400$ a month...any thoughts on it being my first RN position?

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