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JacobIloved has 4 years experience as a BSN and specializes in critical care.

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  1. JacobIloved

    Writing personal statement for CRNA school

    I'm starting CRNA school this August 2020. I'm also a writer by trade/hobby. I do a lot of personal statement editing for people going to CRNA school. For those of you that are audio listeners, I just started uploading some of the things I find myself saying a lot as podcast episodes that I hope will help you write a better personal statement. The first three episodes are now on Apple podcasts, Google Play podcasts, and Spotify, called "Josiah's CRNA Personal Statement Review". https://playmusic.app.goo.gl/?ibi=com.Google.PlayMusic&isi=691797987&ius=googleplaymusic&apn=com.Google.android.music&link=https://play.Google.com/music/m/I4fiopogifzi6ih5nphukk5zmvi?t%3DJosiah's_CRNA_Personal_Statement_Review%26pcampaignid%3DMKT-na-all-co-pr-mu-pod-16 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/josiahs-crna-personal-statement-review/id1511677610 https://open.spotify.com/show/05WcbAjAThZNoacCT8bEzv?si=DPwMqzXnRW614wN_sqLbCg I'm releasing an episode on identity capital next week as well, so stay tuned. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, whatever feel free to message me.
  2. Hi! I've been seeing your pets for a couple months now about you offering to proofread statement letters and resumes. Please help me. First time applicant. I would love to see why you did with yours too, if possible. My email is perrtiangha1c@gmail.com

  3. JacobIloved

    CRNA Admissions GPA/ Years in ICU

    I minored in LPS (Logic and Philosophy of Science) while doing my undergrad nursing degree. I don't think that CRNA schools really care if you have a minor or not. However, minoring in a subject that was heavy on rhetorical logic (and formal logic), writing, and public speaking really helps with school applications. At the end of the day, interviewers and admission committees are looking for people who can tell a reasonable story about who they are, what they've done, and where they are going. This forum is littered with people who have excellent ICU experience, great GPA's, good scores, etc. that didn't get into school. Objective stuff like GPA, certs, level 1 surgicalcardiotraumatransplantthoracic chargenursepreceptorresource experience is only a part of the game. Remember that the other part of the game of admissions is convincing the faculty that you are going to be a successful student.
  4. JacobIloved

    Keep getting rejected

    Can I take a look at your personal statemrnt? I find that the personal statements are often the deal breakers for a lot of people.
  5. Hey there I appreciate that you're willing to critique my resume/ statement. As soon as I get home in a week I'll DM you, thanks again

  6. JacobIloved

    CRNA school application help

    I'm pretty good with personal statements and resumes, drop me a dm and I'd be happy to take a look.
  7. hi! not sure if this is the best/correct way to contact you, but I noticed that you got into both Duke & USC, two schools that I will be applying to during the next application cycle. I would love to hear any advice on how to improve my application! allnurses wouldn't let me send a PM so figured I would post here. Thank you!

  8. JacobIloved

    CRNA program RE-applicants 2021 start

    I'm a good essay writer, so let me know if you want me to take a look at any personal statements.
  9. JacobIloved

    USC CRNA 2020

    I got in!!
  10. JacobIloved

    Duke CRNA Class 2023, Applications Oct 2019

    This is gonna sound really dumb, but did they offer coffee in the morning?
  11. JacobIloved

    GRE Prep

    I scored 169 verbal 166 quantitative and 5.5 writing. I ended up doing like 10 practice tests (full sittings) on paper from any book I could get my hands on (Barrons, Princeton Review, Magoosh, Manhattan Prep, ETS, Kaplan). Nothing really beats the experience of sitting there and working through the mental stress and monotony of a 4 hour test. Doing a lot of practice questions also really helped me understand how to approach different question types. I found drilling flashcards for vocabulary helped a lot with my verbal and writing scores. Quantitative is kind of tough. Due to the nature of the adaptive exam, none of the books had the difficulty level of math questions they asked me in the last few sections. I ended up bombing the last three or so questions on math, but it got me a 166, so I wouldn't worry about the high level questions so much.
  12. Hi sirI, I still can't send PM's even though I have over 15 posts now. Can you help me out with that?

    1. sirI

      sirI, MSN, APRN, NP

      Hello @hoiboy,

      You should be able to send PM's now. Send one to me to verify that it works. 🙂

  13. JacobIloved

    First Major Mistake, Pt didn't get blood, I'm so Afraid

    Is this actually a major mistake? There was an error in communication and the patient didn't receive blood, but nothing happened to the patient, right? I would definitely call up the manager and ask to talk about what happened, and maybe offer solutions to avoid having these types of communication mistakes happen again. Will you get fired for it? Probably not. I've been in your situation before, where I've made a major mistake (a patient coded). It was a stupid mistake, a moment that anyone could look at and give me a duh face over. I got the dreaded call from admin, but I wasn't fired. I was given the opportunity to look at and overhaul protocols/policies/procedures and teach my fellow nurses on what not to do. So don't beat yourself up over it - the patient didn't die, and actually sounds pretty asymptomatic except for some grogginess. The goal is to learn from the mistakes you make and build your practice to prevent errors.
  14. JacobIloved

    IV Compatibility

    In the setting of DKA, it's very common to run a Dextrose infusion and insulin at the same time. The primary management concern in DKA is the ketoacidosis, not the hyperglycemia. Insulin gtt is used for ketoacidosis, not hyperglycemia. The side effect of an insulin gtt is hypoglycemia, which is what dextrose is for. That's why you shouldn't stop the insulin gtt when your patient is no longer hyperglycemic. You wait for the gap to close and the bicarb to rise, and then you stop the drip.
  15. JacobIloved

    Tips for New Grad ICU Nurse

    Put in work! Some people show up as new grads and immediately "get it", some people take time to warm up to being a nurse. But what differentiates the really good nurses from the okay nurses after a while is the amount of work that you're willing to put in. You should absolutely celebrate the fact that you are getting paid, and that you are no longer a student. But spend a lot of time, even outside of work, studying your patho and your pharm. The more time you spend now, the better your career will be.
  16. JacobIloved

    Night shifters- try a weighted blanket

    Are weighted blankets hot? One of the issues that I have, especially where I live, is that it gets hot during the summer. The uncomfortable heat is what keeps me up more than anything else, I think (and I'm too cheap to run the air conditioner).

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