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  1. francis.exe

    New Grad in Geriatric Psych

    Depending on the type of geri-psych floor, you might still get a good opportunity to handle medical problems. On my capstone during nursing school, I did a lot of IVs, foleys, had dialysis patients, fractures... all on top of the psych stuff. It was a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it. If your floor is entirely behavioral, I would still recommend it as you'll still be getting experience with the older adult population. You'll learn valuable assessment skills physical and mental health. Also de-escalation skills will be great. I think that geri-psych would be a great addition for your experience. See if you like it too!
  2. francis.exe

    Goals for Psych Preceptorship

    Hi everyone! I'm a final semester nursing student that has an opportunity to do my preceptorship hours in a mental health unit at a hospital. Before starting are preceptorship, we have to submit a list of goals for us to achieve by the end of the semester. The problem is, I don't have much experience in a mental health unit, as the majority of my clinicals were in med-surg/tele units. I don't know really know what to expect therefore don't know what kind of goals to write for myself. Here's a sample one I have for myself: "Focus on improving psychiatric assessment skills" Any suggestions would be helpful!

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