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  1. magicpandora

    Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021

    Hi, I’d say absolutely going for ABSN then do a BSN-DNP in the future after gaining some bedside experience even just for one year. This way, it saves money and time for you and it’s what I would have done if it’s my case. It’s actually the same amount of time or even less: ABSN 1year + DNP 4 years vs. MSN 2years + DNP 4 years.
  2. magicpandora

    MedStar Georgetown Nurse Residency 2021

    Cool. Thanks for replying to my post. At least I know I'm not the only one waiting 🙂 I have a friend who interviewed for MedStar Washington. She received the offer email with documents attached.
  3. magicpandora

    MedStar Georgetown Nurse Residency 2021

    I interviewed in late February. The recruiter called the next day to notify me about the offer, which I accepted the next Monday. She said she will email me everything 'in a couple weeks'. Is anyone waiting on the onboarding documents also? I wonder why they have to wait for so long.
  4. magicpandora

    Direct Entry MSN 2020 at Columbia University

    This is exactly how I felt last year when I visited the school on Visiting Day! They don’t seem organized (perhaps due to the fact that they changed to a new dean). The faculties coming and going made it seem like it was a business promotion event to get your money. I went to Hopkins instead and I’m still glad that I trusted my gut and didn’t choose Columbia. If you go to Hopkins’ visiting day and make the comparison, you will probably realize the difference.
  5. magicpandora

    FALL 2020 Johns Hopkins MSN: Entry into Nursing

    For those are accepted and interested in connecting with other potential students, there's a FB group created for JHUSON Fall 2020 cohort: https://www.facebook.com/groups/452768102330561/
  6. Did you say you visited the wet market in Beijing or Wuhan? Cuz they are not the same city. Corona virus outbreak started in Wuhan, not Beijing. Plz don’t generalize cities in China. You went to Beijing MONTHS BEFORE THE OUTBREAK. You also don’t have the local living expertise to generalize foreign cities as a foreigner. Are the regulations from state to state the same? Obviously not. Lastly, that bat soup picture can be searched online and can be from any unknown sources in the World Wide Web. Easy for you to cast a negative spotlight on China.
  7. magicpandora

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Sorry, yes, I did not mean policy. Being grandfathered is what I intend to say.
  8. magicpandora

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Well, for master's prepared nurses, they basically did more academic work than BSN nurses. That can be an edge to employers. Also, a lot of MSN grads go on to DNP programs, which will take them less time compared to BSN grads. For NP programs, there's a national policy saying that all MSN prepared NP needs to now become a Doctor's prepared NP by 2020 or starting 2020. So MSN level NP is not up to the new standard anymore. So if you want to become an NP, DNP programs are highly recommended for pursuing your long term career as an NP. Otherwise, you will have to go back to school to transition to a DNP at a later time which is more work.
  9. magicpandora

    FALL 2020 Johns Hopkins MSN: Entry into Nursing

    Hi all, Current student at JHSON here (started Fall 2019). Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the program and application. Good luck to you all!
  10. magicpandora

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    For Question 2, MDE stands for "Masters of Direct Entry". So the program prepares you to become an RN only. It is an accelerated MSN program, so the difference from a BSN is that you become a graduate-level RN, which is a bit higher than just a bachelor level. And you carry that MSN in your title.
  11. magicpandora

    Johns Hopkins DNP CRNA 2020

    Well, they are both MSNs.
  12. magicpandora

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Thank you for answering. In JHU, there's a new grad program for its own students something like a few hospitals (incl. JHH) can basically hire you even before you graduate and have final practicum if you meet GPA criteria and have good rec. letters. So i wonder if Columbia has something like that.
  13. magicpandora

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Do you happen to know about how many Columbia graduates does NYP hire each year since it's part of the Columbia Medical center? thx
  14. magicpandora

    Johns Hopkins Hospital - Baltimore, MD

    @ rubyagnes I am unable to message you privately either. Maybe because I'm a new member of the wite. Can you message me? Thanks!
  15. magicpandora

    Flying out to NYC for NCLEX

    So once you get your US RN license, you can work directly as a nurse nationally? Do you need a work permit or sponsorship for that?