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  1. sam619

    MA being called "nurse"

    Hi everyone, I recently started a new job in the outpatient setting. One of our physician's always refers to the MA that works with her as a "nurse" and it makes me cringe every time (besides being illegal). I haven't specifically heard the MA refer to themselves as a nurse, however i'm sure patients assume so. Is it too far to make a complaint and tell the charge RN? Thanks in advance.
  2. Who cares, if you like the shoe: WEAR THEM. I have them, and love them (I'm a male as well lol).
  3. sam619

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    Not a nurse (yet), however my experience as a male MA working at various large academic medical center clinics overall has been all positive (male privilege?) I do agree with Rnis where I think d/t my gender I get accepted socially easier than perhaps a female peer in the same clinic. I do occasionally get the "why not MD" comment from patients and some staff members, which is frustrating because nursing school and nursing is rigorous as well and great career. But I guess I should take it as a complement?
  4. I think you are referring to “adaptive immunity.” Just FYI.
  5. Hi everyone!! Is anyone else applying for Azusa Pacific's 2+2 transfer program for summer 2020? If so, i'd love to connect and share stats. I am currently finishing up microbiology this fall, and will be applying before the Febuary deadline! 3.72GPA 150 volunteer hours 3 years of hands on patient care experience I'm hoping we all get in!!!

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