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Ashley9247 is a ADN and specializes in Certified Nurse Midwife.

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    Post Partum VS. L&D

    I am currently a CNM student up friend here and started the program with no labor and delivery experience. I had experience in nursery make you. I just started and labor and delivery nurse position my commute will be one hour I'm working part time at a very small rural hospital that will have only about 60 deliveries per year. My manager is very excited that I'm going to school to be a midwife in as pushing to get me a position 1 some finish with school. The CEO is also very excited and in a previous position he started a midwifery program at a hospital up in Michigan. However because of the very small volume we have at my hospital I am training at a large hospital that does 4000 deliveries a year. It has been a struggle every single day because some or a majority of the nurses are not supportive of natural physiological birth and often make fun of patients who low intervention's or have doulas. I literally cringe most of the 12 or 13 Hours that I'm there every day however I can't really say or do anything because I need to get at least some training before going back to my hospital. I have not told them I'm a student because I can only imagine what they would say or how differently they would treat me. Everyone is going to tell you something different people either strongly believe that you have to have labor and delivery experience to be in effective midwife or they believe you can be a midwife without any labor and delivery experience. I think it really depends on what your goals are and the area you want to practice in as a midwife. For me I needed to get some labor and delivery experience to be able to find a preceptor and employment once I'm out of school because in my area no one will take you on as a student if you don't have labor and delivery and no one will hire you if you don't have labor and delivery. So for me it was important to at least get it on my resume for future prospects. Either job is going to give you very valuable experience and perspective. And if you're looking at midwifery schools I highly recommend frontier. I have been extremely happy in the year that I have been there. If you ever want to talk about this with someone who's also going through it just shoot me a message or an email ashley.durham01@frontier.edu
  2. Ashley9247

    Is it wrong to leave a job during orientation?

    I started a "prn procedure nurse" position that they actually expected me to work full time in the clinic setting. I turned my notice in after a month. I didn't see the point in wasting my time or theirs when it was clear that our expectations weren't the same. The only part I regret is not asking to transfer to a different unit within the facility but what's done is done. I have a different position now that seems to be perfect.