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BlueBirdMentors BSN, MSN, RN

Cardiac Surgical ICU / Critical care
New New Educator Nurse
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BlueBirdMentors is a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Cardiac Surgical ICU / Critical care.

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  1. I have been following this platform for the last 12 years or so as a guest. It was a lot of help when I was planning to move my practice from my home country to North America. I thought maybe it's about time I will contribute and not just consume. Would love to help.

  2. BlueBirdMentors

    Discipline on license

    that's a tough one. I have followed several nurses in similar situations. What worked for some of them was total honesty about what happened and more than that, what you have learned from it and how that changed you. Hopefully it did... You just need to find the one place that will give you a 2nd chance. Keep on looking, you will find it eventually. Good luck, and don't give up.
  3. Unfortunately, I have nothing to contribute to the questions you asked. You can always try to locate HR contact information of the prospective employer and ask them. My advice to you is not about nursing, It's about relationships. Find a way to not be apart for so long, long-distance never works. Maybe there is a way for a student visa, that you can study close to your fiance? Good luck
  4. BlueBirdMentors

    Falsely accused of falsifying documentation: What should I do?

    Unfortunately, this is happening all over the place. In Canada too. Nurses are being called into meetings and the managers summary of the meeting doesn't always reflect what actually been said. The only way I see that can make this better for nurses is to lobby for changes into the labor laws and allow the nurse/ union rep. to record or film the meetings. That would provide clear evidence to contradict the "misunderstandings" that the manager writes in the meeting summary. It will hold everybody more accountable.
  5. I work in an ICU. We do have several NP's in our critical care program in our health authority. It is a new role for us and I believe the scope is limited at this point. We are a teaching hospital, so I am not sure if our NP's are not doing procedures because they were not trained, not in their scope or just because the residents are getting to do all the procedures because of their training needs. Like others have said, Choose a province first, then get in touch with the appropriate college. Another place to start would be https://www.nnas.ca/ Good luck

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