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  1. Tyler118633

    Is this a bad idea

    Going to a community college LPN program that only has interim approval with the ACEN?
  2. Tyler118633

    Online Developmental Psych Course?

    Portage Learning. I finished the class in 2 weeks.
  3. Tyler118633

    ACEN Interim Approval

    Hi everyone, This Summer I really want to start a LPN program at the local community college. It is approved by my state’s board of nursing. However, it only has “interim approval” accreditation through the ACEN. My plan is to do a LPN to RN bridge program almost immediately after finishing the LPN, but it would be in a different state. Is this even a possibility because the LPN program is not fully accredited? Does it even matter as long as I get licensed in my current state of residence? I’m not sure how this works. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, How come Colorado, more specifically Denver, has such a lack of LPN - RN programs available? Most, if not all, community colleges are not accepting applications for these bridge programs, and Denver College of Nursing no longer has this option. However, Pickens Tech informed me that they are trying to get a LPN - RN program approved. That’s good news.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a BBA in Business that (please don’t judge me!) my parent’s paid for out-of-pocket. I have no knowledge of FAFSA or federal financial aid because I did not need it. Now I’m 32, married with a child and I need financial aid to get a nursing degree. Do I qualify for aid if I already have a degree? Also my wife’s credit brought mine down dramatically so I doubt I’ll qualify for private loans. Does anyone know any specifics about the payment plan at DCON? Is it based on credit score? Thank you!

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