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Tyler118633 has 5 years experience as a EMT-B.

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  1. Tyler118633

    Denver College of Nursing October 2020 Cohort

    Best of luck to you, everyone! I hope you all get in! I just want you all to know about making payment arrangements I’m advance do you have the opportunity to explore all of your options so you can attend this great school. I’m jealous of all you who can attend! I really wish it would e worked out for me! Best of luck!
  2. Tyler118633

    Denver College of Nursing October 2020 Cohort

    I hope you all have plans for paying the $56,000 tuition without working. I was accepted for the July 2020 cohort but declined after finding a cheaper school. Good luck!
  3. Tyler118633

    Denver College of Nursing October 2020 Cohort

    For my first bachelors degree I never had to use student loans. I was planning on using the maximum amount of federal loans that DENVER College of Nursing would’ve let me use: $29,000. The remaining amount had to be paid by the end of the program either by cash, private student loans, and/or monthly payments with 0% interest. I was planning on just writing a check for the remaining $28,000. However, I just couldn’t get myself to think that was a good idea.
  4. Tyler118633

    Denver College of Nursing October 2020 Cohort

    I applied on the last night of the application period, December 31st, 2019, and received my acceptance email (I posted the email below) on February 7th: Please read this email carefully and completely before responding! Congratulations, your application has been reviewed by our Admissions Committee and you can now move forward with the application process for the BSN program starting July 6, 2020. The next step will be for us to arrange a time for you to come in for your interview and tour of the school. This interview should take around two hours. At this meeting we’ll review your application, tour the facility, meet with financial aid, cover all immunization requirements and you’ll get more in depth information on how everything works at DCN. At the conclusion of our interview we’ll be setting up a time for you to come back within a two week period to finalize your enrollment paperwork and your tuition financing. Applicants that have already graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college do not have to take the HESI A2 entrance exam. You need to respond to me via email no later than 4pm on Friday February 14 to set up your appointment as we have a lot of applications for this start. If you are no longer interested in moving forward with your application, please let me know that as well. You cannot defer your start date. I typically meet with in state students Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. I start my first appointment around 10am and start my last appointment no later than 2pm. I’ll be meeting with applicants April 9 through April 24. When you respond to this email please let me know what days of the week and times during your normal week (not specific dates) that will work best for you under the parameters mentioned above. You need to bring any official transcripts, immunization records, CPR and health insurance card with you (if you have them). If you’re not absolutely sure that you’ll be able to finance the program as well as covering your living expenses (remember that government student loans and grants will not cover your costs) please contact the Financial Aid department and make sure you’ll be OK before you plan and confirm your appointment. Again, congratulations on making it through the first step toward starting your program at DCN accredited by the ACEN, CCNE and regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It might take a few days before I respond back to you. I look forward to meeting with you soon.
  5. Tyler118633

    RN to BSN Colorado Schools

    Anyways, I do not feel like arguing or getting any more into this topic. Best of luck to your search for a school.
  6. Tyler118633

    RN to BSN Colorado Schools

    My assumption was that the OP was a Colorado resident. Why else would someone limit limit their search to Colorado if they don’t live in that state? Colorado residents get an extra $88/per credit hour at all Colorado colleges and universities. It’s the College Opportunity Fund. It The schools that actually have a building that are eligible for the COF are cheaper when that discount is factored into the cost.
  7. Tyler118633

    American Sentinel University it is!

    It’s a for-profit. That will always be a negative. Their “campus” is around the corner from the hospital I work at and I would still never go to that diploma mill.
  8. Tyler118633

    RN to BSN Colorado Schools

    Seriously? This stuff is so easy to find. The community colleges (Front Range, Arapahoe, etc.) are the cheapest option of online RN - BSN programs.
  9. Tyler118633

    Can I get a job on Suboxone?

    My Methadone is for addiction too. I know at least a dozen RN’s at the clinic I go to who are on Methadone for addiction (one FNP and one CNM). I’ve talked with most of them about their journey. Some are like me who couldn’t get off a properly prescribed opioid. Some literally stole meds from their patients. As long as you have a prescription you are fine.
  10. Tyler118633

    Can I get a job on Suboxone?

    I’ve been on Methadone the whole 2 years I’ve been a CNA. I had to take a pre-employment drug test and provide the lab with proof of a prescription. Very easy process.
  11. Tyler118633

    Denver College of Nursing October 2020 Cohort

    I was accepted for the July 2020 cohort, but couldn’t justify spending $57,000. Good luck, everyone!
  12. Tyler118633

    Nurse Practitioner Gen req

    An accelerated BSN program without a prior 4 year degree? Are you sure about that?
  13. Tyler118633

    PMHNP Schools

    Where in Colorado are you?
  14. Tyler118633

    New Grad Psych Nursing

    I work at a very large urban hospital that has an Adult & Adolescent Behavioral Health new grad RN Residency. People are divided on the whole Med/Surg for a year or 2 OR just go for Psych right off the bat if you know you’re heart is in BH.
  15. Tyler118633

    Statistics Math Class at UTA

    Portage Learning. I SUCK at math, but I literally got a 100% on each exam in their Intro to Stats class. It is not proctored and only costs $598.
  16. Tyler118633

    Colorado New Grad BSN pay?

    I work at Centura Health and I know for a fact that some of our new grads start at $28 - $30/hr.