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  1. ashlnune20

    Rockland BOCES 2020

    Has anyone been accepted or are still applying to Rockland Boces? I'm a little nervous as I found out about this school a bit late so I feel rushed to study for the test and get everything in on time. Luckily I've heard the test isn't crazy difficult.
  2. ashlnune20


    Same ! I tried Monroe College for their LPN but didn’t get in over a couple points 🤦🏾‍♀️ I feel like AMG is my best bet, it’s expensive but at least I can get in if I pass the HESI and get started with my nursing career already.
  3. ashlnune20


    I’m in the Bronx so veeb is way too far for me. The school is expensive but most schools are nowadays I think I might just go for it and apply
  4. ashlnune20

    Monroe LPN

    Does anyone have any info on Monroe College LPN program? I haven't seen much info on it
  5. ashlnune20

    LPN Programs In NYC?

    Hey Do you mind if I email you? I've been trying to find more info on this school and haven't had much luck
  6. ashlnune20


    Hey I'm looking into the LPN program at AMG in Brooklyn, I was wondering if anyone has attended here and can give some advice?
  7. ashlnune20

    AMG School of License Practical Nursing (LPN)

    Hey, I'm looking into the same program, did you end up attending there?
  8. ashlnune20

    Pre Nursing at SPC

    Thanks for replying, also is the HESI or TEAS test not needed for SPC ?
  9. ashlnune20

    Pre Nursing at SPC

    Im new to this forum but have been using it to try and find some information on St. Petersburg College. I want to apply for their ADN program in the future and have applied to the school to take the prerequisites there. I want to know what people chose as their pre nursing major? I chose health science and was wondering if this was a good route? Would i need to finish the AA before i can apply to the ADN program or can i apply as soon as i finish taking the required course I need.

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