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  1. Bkk812

    NVCC Fall 2020

    Thank you, I'm so excited to finally finish what I started 6 years ago. Yes, I took the TEAS and got a 87.5 cum...95 reading, 84 math, 83 science and 87.5 for english! Thank you for all your help over the past few months!
  2. Bkk812

    NVCC Spring 2020

    Meccounselor, yes I have an A in bio 141! I took it at another school and it transfered,i will get an a in 142 as well. Finishing psy 230 now and applying in january!
  3. Bkk812

    NVCC Spring 2020

    So I took my TEAS on sept. 11 and I am unable to apply until january. Are you saying my scores wont be valid? I will be furious as no advisor told me this Really appreciate your help
  4. Bkk812

    NVCC Spring 2020

    Thanks for this! also, what is the time limit for teas scores? Meaning how old can they be to use them?Do you know? Do you think alot of people take the additional cor requisites for extra points?
  5. Bkk812

    NVCC Spring 2020

    Hi! Do you guys know how many people have additional core requisite classes completed? I havent done any additional and iam concerned that alot of others have!