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  1. Hey, I’m in my last year as a nursing student. I’m coming to field with a 10 year back ground in EMS 6 as a paramedic. I just finished a NICU rotation and loved it. I’m wondering what it’s like and how people respond to male NICU nurses. 

    1. Bortaz

      Bortaz, BSN, RN

      A high acuity NICU can be a beautiful and tragic place. These are not just fat babies waiting to go home. NICU is a 500 gram kid on a ventilator and iNo and 10 drips. It can be terrifying as a new nurse (and as an old one). It takes a special kind of person to be able to professionally and compassionately handle these patients (and their family). Having said that, it was the best job I ever had...I loved it with a passion and miss it greatly now that I'm no longer working there. As a male, you will occasionally run into people who won't want you as their baby's nurse. You'll also meet a LOT of resistance from female nurses. I never let it stop me from pursuing the job, and neither should you.


      It's a hard place to work, but the rewards are great.


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