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  1. Sehnsucht

    Graduate Nurse Status-Military Spouse

    I misspoke. NM wants me to test in my state of residence, which is the same as where I go to school.
  2. Sehnsucht

    Graduate Nurse Status-Military Spouse

    I don't know how it works for other states, but the NM BoN said that I have to test in my state of graduation.
  3. Sehnsucht

    How Soon After Graduation Did You Take NCLEX?

    I got my ATT and got the first available date, about 3 weeks.
  4. Sehnsucht

    How long to get license issued?

    Does anyone know about Louisiana RN license times? I just took my NCLEX.
  5. ADN with a non-nursing BS, here. I'm trying to plan my further education. My employer wants a BSN by 5 years, but I have an opportunity to skip it and get an MSN. Do hospitals let you do that, or do they specifically want that BSN? I feel kind of silly doing a BSN when I could do the MSN, like I'm wasting time and money.
  6. I'm looking to network and get a better feel for nursing in New Mexico. I'm going to search the convention bureau and join some groups, but if you know of something, please post it here. Even something small. Thanks!
  7. Sehnsucht

    New Grad in NM situation?

    I'm graduating in December 2019, and I'm hoping my first job will be in or near Albuquerque. I hope to get into a good residency program. Can anyone tell me what it's like for other new grads there? Are there enough entry level jobs to go around? I'm coming in from out of state, so I can't ask my classmates or last semester's cohort how things are going for them. Any insights on the hiring process and HR styles at the major hospitals? Anything to watch out for? Thanks!
  8. Sehnsucht

    Presbyterian Hospital interview

    If anyone has any input on this, I'd love to hear it. Or anything about the new grad situation in NM at all.
  9. Sehnsucht

    UNMH Nurse Residency program?

    I'd love to know too. Or any ABQ area new grad experiences.
  10. Sehnsucht


    OMG! Juhn! That's great! I'm so happy to hear that! I was feeling a little down, and frustrated with not finding many residency posts on Indeed, but you've given me some hope. I'm going to do what you did and just go ahead and apply to RN jobs. I'm so happy for you! Good job persevering!
  11. Sehnsucht


    I'm really sad to hear that. I was considering Christus for their residency program. I'm willing to work for crappy pay my first year, but at ~16/H, I couldn't even afford Santa Fe rent!

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