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  1. Graduate Nurse Status-Military Spouse

    I misspoke. NM wants me to test in my state of residence, which is the same as where I go to school.
  2. Graduate Nurse Status-Military Spouse

    I don't know how it works for other states, but the NM BoN said that I have to test in my state of graduation.
  3. How Soon After Graduation Did You Take NCLEX?

    I got my ATT and got the first available date, about 3 weeks.
  4. How long to get license issued?

    Does anyone know about Louisiana RN license times? I just took my NCLEX.
  5. Will an MSN fulfill the BSN requirement for work?

    Oh, I plan to. I just haven't started the job yet. As soon I pass the NCLEX, we're going to sign papers and I'll get to pick HR's brain about all kinds of things. But right now, I'm using some down time to look at school programs and whatnot.
  6. ADN with a non-nursing BS, here. I'm trying to plan my further education. My employer wants a BSN by 5 years, but I have an opportunity to skip it and get an MSN. Do hospitals let you do that, or do they specifically want that BSN? I feel kind of si...
  7. Medications in the Modern ED

    Oh this is awesome. Thank you to the contributors!
  8. New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    Oh cool. Rock on, then!?
  9. New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    I've heard that it's premature for a new grad to go for the CEN, and that there's a reason they recommend at least 2 years experience before trying. I've also heard TNCC is easier. I don't have any firsthand knowledge as I'm brand new myself and I'm ...

    I did get it! I got my formal offer yesterday! Thanks for the pep talk and info!
  11. 100% Online FNP Programs...Your Thoughts

    I'm very interested too. My plan is to ask HR and the NPs at my job where/how they did it. Maybe a certain school has a relationship with my hospital/coworkers and getting clinical hours will be smoother?
  12. RN. BSN

    I love wounds. There's wound NPs? Nifty. Off to google.
  13. UNM FNP Program Summer 2020

    How are y'all doing it? Full time, brick and mortar classes plus clinicals? Are you taking leave from your nursing jobs and living off savings and school loans? I looked at UNM Nursing Masters and the only one I can pull off would be the Education o...
  14. Online Direct Entry MSN?

    I have an unrelated bachelor's and most of an unrelated master's but for me, it made more sense to get the ADN. The BSN would have still taken more time and cost a lot more. A lot more. Now my employer says I have 5 years to get that BSN, and I'm pr...
  15. too soon to be an NP?

    What programs will allow a new grad RN to get their FNP? Do most hospital jobs work with new hired RNs to accommodate FNP classes and clinicals? I talked to my local University, and they only had one masters program, in Education, that was completel...