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  1. Sehnsucht

    Will an MSN fulfill the BSN requirement for work?

    Oh, I plan to. I just haven't started the job yet. As soon I pass the NCLEX, we're going to sign papers and I'll get to pick HR's brain about all kinds of things. But right now, I'm using some down time to look at school programs and whatnot.
  2. ADN with a non-nursing BS, here. I'm trying to plan my further education. My employer wants a BSN by 5 years, but I have an opportunity to skip it and get an MSN. Do hospitals let you do that, or do they specifically want that BSN? I feel kind of silly doing a BSN when I could do the MSN, like I'm wasting time and money.
  3. Sehnsucht

    Medications in the Modern ED

    Oh this is awesome. Thank you to the contributors!
  4. Sehnsucht

    New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    Oh cool. Rock on, then!
  5. Sehnsucht

    New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    I've heard that it's premature for a new grad to go for the CEN, and that there's a reason they recommend at least 2 years experience before trying. I've also heard TNCC is easier. I don't have any firsthand knowledge as I'm brand new myself and I'm just trying to use my time between school and job to study ER stuff, just like you and the OP.
  6. Sehnsucht


    I did get it! I got my formal offer yesterday! Thanks for the pep talk and info!
  7. Sehnsucht

    100% Online FNP Programs...Your Thoughts

    I'm very interested too. My plan is to ask HR and the NPs at my job where/how they did it. Maybe a certain school has a relationship with my hospital/coworkers and getting clinical hours will be smoother?
  8. Sehnsucht

    RN. BSN

    I love wounds. There's wound NPs? Nifty. Off to google.
  9. Sehnsucht

    UNM FNP Program Summer 2020

    How are y'all doing it? Full time, brick and mortar classes plus clinicals? Are you taking leave from your nursing jobs and living off savings and school loans? I looked at UNM Nursing Masters and the only one I can pull off would be the Education one, as it's fully online. Just curious as to how others are making school work with their lives.
  10. Sehnsucht

    Online Direct Entry MSN?

    I have an unrelated bachelor's and most of an unrelated master's but for me, it made more sense to get the ADN. The BSN would have still taken more time and cost a lot more. A lot more. Now my employer says I have 5 years to get that BSN, and I'm probably going to skip it and satisfy that requirement with an MSN. I'm thinking that it's different depending on where you live and what schools are available. It sounds like there's more affordable BSNs where you live that work with your unrelated degrees better than my local schools do. For me, besides the cost and time considerations, my ADN school was more respected than the BSN school. Better education, better clinicals, better work ethic/attitude of students. I'd advise everyone to write down a side by side analysis and timeline of their options and figure it out that way. And do go to the schools and talk to the counselors, not all their information is available online. Just like nursing, you need to get in there and do your own assessment. Roll the school over and look at it's sacrum, lol!
  11. Sehnsucht

    too soon to be an NP?

    What programs will allow a new grad RN to get their FNP? Do most hospital jobs work with new hired RNs to accommodate FNP classes and clinicals? I talked to my local University, and they only had one masters program, in Education, that was completely online. All the others had traditional classroom lectures in addition to clinicals. I was afraid that it would be asking "too much" of my hospital to schedule my RN Residency around my school schedule when I could just do online courses like everybody else and just do a BSN easy peasy. After my residency, sure, but I don't want to waste any time getting more degrees.
  12. Sehnsucht

    Eight Subtle Signs of Problem Drinking

    "Approximately 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes yearly, making alcohol the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S." That makes alcohol a contributor, not a cause, right? You can't actually call it the 3rd leading cause. That aside, this is a very important article. "Problem drinking" isn't given the attention it deserves and I'm really glad to see it. Sorry for being an argumentation/logic Nazi. The overall article is wonderful.
  13. I'm looking to network and get a better feel for nursing in New Mexico. I'm going to search the convention bureau and join some groups, but if you know of something, please post it here. Even something small. Thanks!
  14. Sehnsucht

    New Grad in NM situation?

    I'm graduating in December 2019, and I'm hoping my first job will be in or near Albuquerque. I hope to get into a good residency program. Can anyone tell me what it's like for other new grads there? Are there enough entry level jobs to go around? I'm coming in from out of state, so I can't ask my classmates or last semester's cohort how things are going for them. Any insights on the hiring process and HR styles at the major hospitals? Anything to watch out for? Thanks!
  15. Sehnsucht

    Presbyterian Hospital interview

    If anyone has any input on this, I'd love to hear it. Or anything about the new grad situation in NM at all.
  16. Sehnsucht

    UNMH Nurse Residency program?

    I'd love to know too. Or any ABQ area new grad experiences.