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  1. Mercy College NY ABSN Fall 2020

    waitlisted! number 24 on the list to give yall context or an idea of how high up you are
  2. University of Rochester fall 2020 ABPNN

    white coat village. also what is passing?
  3. University of Rochester fall 2020 ABPNN

    Hii!! Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you. Have you decided if you are going to Pace? So I didn't have the best grades, so I said to myself I need to be extremely strong in all other aspects. My personal statement was very passionate and I spe...
  4. University of Rochester fall 2020 ABPNN

    Hi! Thanks for sharing. Will def share the info. Is it in white coat? I had some questions if you didn’t mind answering. How are the tests? Are they mainly multiple choice like what is the format and did you do your first semester? Do you feel it was...
  5. NYU Accelerated Nursing Fall 2020

    Isn’t that crazy?! Goes to show the grades are not always the main indicator. Yeah I thought I had a much better chance of getting into NYU vs Rochester so I was surprised! I am actually super excited. Good luck! Also why was it your top school vs n...
  6. NYU Accelerated Nursing Fall 2020

    Denied! But I committed to URochester program a while ago LOL Good luck to everyone
  7. NYU Accelerated Nursing Fall 2020

    oh shid does not filling out the css profile mean anything?
  8. NYU Accelerated Nursing Fall 2020

    how are you guys notified via email or you just logged into nyu website?
  9. NYU Accelerated Nursing Fall 2020

    OMG OMG so happy for you!! CONGRATS!! Are you gonna stick with Philly? Wish you luck
  10. Mercy College NY ABSN Fall 2020

    yeah I have to send my deposit on Wednesday..... if u send in a deposit that doesnt mean u have to go but damn I wish they were more thoughtful lmao
  11. Mercy College NY ABSN Fall 2020

    lmao OK that makes SO much more sense. CONGRATS! I was waiting for them cause I got accepted to urochester so I was waiting for mercy but since I won't know till June
  12. Mercy College NY ABSN Fall 2020

    That is so annoying! when did your friend get accepted for fall? they are kind of messy cause literally mr. PR said that descions dont come out in June? somebody lying
  13. Drexel ACE Fall 2020

    That’s so exciting!!! Thank you so much. And they took over a month to get back to me. Philly is an amazing city and 11 months gonna fly by. I hope you get in for fall! Everything will workout.
  14. Drexel ACE Fall 2020

    Yah! I was surprised I didn’t get in I won’t lie but I ended up getting into urochester which I thought I had no chances so everything works out. Have you set on drexel? I know you were working on NYU too. I didn’t hear from them so time to move on
  15. Drexel ACE Nursing Program Spring 2021

    hi I'm taking nutrition in a few days how was it through portage? was it hard? are the tests easy/ is their multiple choice? can I use quizlet? sorry I'm nervous I need to do well

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