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KatEverly is a BSN and specializes in ABSN Grad w/ previous BA in Psych.

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  1. KatEverly

    2nd Opinion Successful???

    I think your last post was helpful to us readers. So, you reported the DUI to your BON per your lawyers instruction and terms of licensure, and the BON referred you to HPRP for evaluation. So, in the context of HPRP and state monitored programs in general, that would not be considered self reporting (to HPRP). I could be wrong here, as someone with limited experience but having done a lottt if research, that when you are referred to HPRP by the board, if you are “offered” (forced into) a monitoring agreement, that would be considered regulatory, so the action/discipline could be seen on your license. Mind you, it’s not even remotely private even for people who do self report and get non-regulatory monitoring agreements, it’s just different. The problem with HPRP, and all of these programs from what I’ve heard, is that if they feel they have any even remote ground for dragging you into a contract, they will. Because these are the money hungriest programs you’ve ever imagined. It is possible, depending on the wording of the doctor and whether or not HPRP actually sanctioned/referred you to this person, that they might not be able to wrangle you into monitoring. Most importantly, I would not sign a monitoring agreement if they offer you one without consulting with an attorney. I know they are difficult to get ahold of now but I’d knock on their office door personally if you had to in order to get a response if it comes down to signing something. They can either get you out of monitoring with the 2nd opinion or negotiate better contract terms.
  2. KatEverly

    Online nurse meeting

    I did a PSA post about this. There are a few options that I am aware of. Here’s the link to my post: (Overview: online AA at Lionrock Recovery, Online AA/NA at InTheRooms, Online SMART Recovery. Links in my post and in comments)
  3. KatEverly

    Expired license, Criminal Charges, Need some advice

    First of all, I feel for you. I really do. I’m pre-licensure and got in trouble when I graduate my ABSN program. The *only* thing that honestly made me feel better was talking to a nurse attorney (I spoke to 2 whom I found on the TAANA.org website). I’m brokeeee too, since I’m in court ordered sobriety court for a 2nd DUI and the expense of that alone would drive someone to utter despair. Plus all the doctors I have to see. I in Michigan and I know that due to the COVID-19 thing they are making some exceptions for nurses with expired licenses, so it would be worth hastily doing a free consult with a nurse attorney in you state to see if perhaps you could leverage this situation to your benefit. I agree with what Rose_Queen said above. The money for a lawyer is really crappy but you’re going to end up needing one and if you can even take out a loan to do it, it could be worth it when you consider the wage of a fully licensed working nurse. I also think you might consider telling your parents and asking for help. I know for me, going through the shame of what I have was almost unbearable but being honest about it and seeing that people still loved me and would help me. It went a long way in my recovery in the long run because I wasn’t hanging onto the toxic amalgam of secrets, shame and anxiety. Feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk!
  4. KatEverly

    COVID 19 and Monitoring Programs

    I’ve got to agree. I have a few friends that I met in AA, but outside of that I really detest their program (and so do my friends LOL). And their supposedly Christian in origin program was created by men who dabbled in the occult: https://carm.org/alcoholics-anonymous-and-the-occult They could do whatever they want, but don’t sell attendees about God when it’s possible that the founders were praying to Satan. When you walk into a meeting and hear someone say you can make your higher power a light post, it’s just insulting. If someone doesn’t want to have a higher power, that’s their prerogative and nobody else’s business. But don’t tell someone to just pick any inanimate object so that they are participate it the 12 steps of lunacy. I recognize that it’s helped a lot of people who have enjoyed it, so I will end my sentence about them at least to say that. I like SMART because it’s about SELF-MANAGAMENT, and actually teaching me paper-to-paper tools that have become engrained in my thought process so I can beat any urges or emotional upsets without relying on somebody else, and manage my own life and recovery the way it best suits me. And they don’t have a religious component so it works for ALL of us, and we are encouraged to participate in our own religious beliefs if we have them, as they recognize that they can be an important part of our individual recovery and fulfilling life.
  5. KatEverly

    PNAP Question

    You make a great point. They swiftly punish and then put off releasing people at the first opportunity. Your frustration is complete warranted and I always think there is value is someone telling you to honor your feelings and experience. It sucks and it’s okay to say that and feel that. Though it’s good to know in the back of your mind that this too will pass. You’ve overcome so very much and been an amazing presence on the recovery forum here. Thank you for all your insightful posts.
  6. KatEverly

    Starting this IPN journey.

    Nooooooo, do not tell them the truth. Absolutely not. Honesty will be used against you at every turn. Never admit you used to cope with something. Contact a lawyer immediately. TAANA.org
  7. KatEverly

    PNAP Question

    That’s crappy news. I’m sorry to hear this. Soon, very soon, they will be forced to release you.
  8. Lionrock Recovery has online AA meetings with free verifications. https://www.lionrockrecovery.com/online-aa-meetings-and-support-groups At the end of the meetings they give a code to use to get a verification. The meeting schedule can be found at that link above and the verification form is at the very bottom of the webpage. (I am a SMART online meeting facilitator & also, of course, highly recommend our verification meetings for anybody in a contract permitted to utilize non 12 step meetings: https://www.smartrecovery.org/community/calendar.php )
  9. KatEverly


    It doesn’t surprise me a bit, all except the sentence about addiction, depression, and PTSD killing loads of people a year. Like, Duh. What’s their point? As I see it, it’s a way to make COVID-19 exposure risk seem less threatening (as what we have is just as bad don’t cha know), demonize the force clientele for their illnesses, and just basically be really crappy and make clients feel bad.
  10. KatEverly

    Missed check in with affinity with selection

    I’m SO relieved that you got it back! That’s the most important piece of information here that will be live altering in a positive way. Unfortunately it does not come as a shock that they are using this as an opportunity to fleece you. In the end you’ll emerge strong and find freedom. Don’t let them break down your spirit - it’s the part of you they can’t have.
  11. KatEverly

    COVID 19 and Monitoring Programs

    Lionrock Recovery: online AA meetings with free verifications https://www.lionrockrecovery.com/online-aa-meetings-and-support-groups (I am a SMART online meeting facilitator & highly recommend our verification meetings for anybody in a contract that will allow it.)
  12. KatEverly


    I’m not from your state but think the very minimum would be a 3 year contract, and I believe most states have a maximum of 5 year contract which can get extended if you relapse or have any issues whatsoever. For diverting you are probably looking at the most severe of monitoring agreements that your state has to offer, which would undoubtedly include the longest contract in your state (that varies), and narcotic passing restrictions for a minimum of 6 months. Other likely contract stipulations would include: no 3rd shift, no overtime, no more than two 12 hour shifts in a row, regular drug and alcohol screenings, possible inpatient or outpatient treatment, possible therapy and psychiatry, possible addiction medication, regular AA and support group meeting attendance, a worksite monitor who will be required to provide quarterly reports. Lawyer up as quickly as possible so that they can get the very best monitoring contract to protect your livelihood. Once you sign it, that’s it. Better to get a lawyer now than regret signing a contract you are stuck in for the next few years of your life. These programs don’t offer help, they offer nightmares and extortion while they hold your license in a vice grip and milk you for every cent you have. I don’t mean to scare you but I think it’s necessary to be that blunt and honest with you since these programs tend to be the most exploitive of the people who come in trying to do the right thing and not protecting themselves. I can commend what you did by being honest with you DON but now is the time for self preservation. Let your attorney do the talking (TAANA.org).
  13. KatEverly

    The perfect storm

    Oh my goodness, big hugs to you! This sound so incredibly distressing. I am saying a prayer right this minute for you ... You’ve been through a lot with the loss of your dad and caregiving for him, plus your own health and pain issues. And then the other nurse harassing you and nobody seeming to care or being willing to hold her accountable. I’ve been harassed before too, by an LPN when I was a CNA, and it was absolutely awful because it was relentless and nobody would intervene no matter how much evidence I brought to them. It’s vile that nurses could do that to each other and I’m sorry this is happening to you. There are pretty strong chances that you will be essentially forced into a monitoring program for the weed, even if you can prove you didn’t divert. I would work really hard on getting that security footage - though it probably won’t be easy because nothing on the side of justice ever is. I would make sure you are confident with the attorney you are choose as they are going to make or break it for you. Don’t pay the retainer until you’ve shopped around a little bit and found the one that seems aggressive enough. It takes guts to actually try and exonerate somebody and go toe to toe with a monitoring program to get the very best possible monitoring contract for you. In addition, depending on your state, some boards try to create criminal charges out of diversion, so proving you didn’t do that could be a pretty big deal (deep breath tho, many BONs don’t pursue that). Hopefully the drug test was negative for the Ativan and that will help your case certainly. Though, if the test you took didn’t test for it, the attorney might wisely suggest you get tested to prove you are clean. We are here if you need to vent. Many of us have been through hell and back and are at various stages on this roller coaster.
  14. KatEverly

    Help! Advice needed HPRP Michigan

    I’m in MI too, about to start my tango with this lovely program due to a DUI as well. Best advice you will ever hear: lawyer up. Check out the TAANA.org website to find a nurse attorney who has experience defending against board action and HPRP. I would heed the advice of your counsel like your life depended on it and let them do the talking and don’t sign a THING until they’ve advised you. They can often advise you of how to proceed in ways that will mitigate the damage to you and your license, even if you have to get involved with the program. (better contract stipulation etc) I attempted to find an addictionologist that was accepting new patients and couldn’t find anybody. I started getting PEth tests to prove sobriety, and will also have all my negative USD screens and AA verification from my probation officer as well. That could be worth looking into. One of the things the lawyer can hopefully help you with is finding an evaluator that is less shady and perhaps getting a preemptive evaluation (from a certified evaluator) that looks more favorable than the one HPRP is going to try and rig up for you using the evaluator they choose. I’d consult an attorney yesterday.
  15. KatEverly

    False positive urine

    What a NIGHTMARE. Everybody’s worst fear. I am praying super fiercely for you tonight. I just want to say, I KNOW it had to have been incredibly difficult and humbling for you to have to go back to working in a convenience store just to keep your head above water. I feel like these programs are designed to break people down and humiliate them. But it’s amazing that you mustered the courage to do that and in the end, you are going to clear to clear your name. Did HPMP formally dismiss you, after giving you conflicting information about whether they were doing so? I would keep seeking more legal opinions to try and find someone willing to take HPMP on. Somebody should have the guts, but it might take a calling many of them to find the person.
  16. KatEverly

    Delaware attorney

    The American Association of Nurse Attorneys: TAANA.org I hope that is helpful to you! (That’s so weird, that state isn’t listed. That must have been what you meant all along! You might try calling attorneys in adjacent states and asking if they can refer you to one in your state.)

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