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  1. concernedHusband

    how long will it take to see license #

    Well, when I first posted a thread on this website it was bad news about my wife. She didnt pass her nclex exam when answering 265 questions. The second time around she passed it answering 78 questions. I am so proud of her. We got the unofficial results on the personvue website. My question is how long will it take until you can see her license number on the Indiana License website. She passed on 2-16-06. If anybody can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  2. concernedHusband

    I need to help my wife

    Well, I hate to be a source of bad news but my wife just recently failed her nclex test. She was on the deans list through school and never got a grade lower than a B. When she took the test she got all 265 questions. She was at work when I got the results online. I felt so bad for her. She is very upset over the results. I want to help her so bad but I dont know anything about nursing. Can anybody tell me the best classes or studyguides I can buy for my wife. I want her to nail it the next time. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  3. concernedHusband

    How to find out your results fast

    She took the test in Indiana. I heard that there was a 900 number you can call for a unoffical score. Thank you for your replies.
  4. concernedHusband

    How to find out your results fast

    My wife took her test on 12-29-05, is there a number we can call to find out an unoffical result?
  5. concernedHusband

    Very Worried

    Hello, I dont know if I should be doing this but I am trying to get some more information to take away my wifes worries. I have nothing to do with nursing, I am not a nurse or a nursing student. My wife has graduated from college and has just taken the NCLEX exam this past thursday 12-29-05. She cried saying that she had to take all 265 questions and that she felt like she failed. My wife was on the Dean's List every semester and she got A's on all of her test. She even studied for this exam. I tell her that I am positive that she passed and she should not worry like she is. I wish I could tell her that there are ex-students out there that has passed with 265 questions being answered. If there is anybody out there that has passed answering all of the questions could you please tell me. I really want to help my wife not be so worried over this. Thank you for your time.