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  1. Salem ABSN May 2020

    Anyone has applied to the accelerated nursing program may 2020 at Salem State?

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    2. Saudah Kiggundu

      Saudah Kiggundu

      Hello Cassie,

      Happy holidays to you too. I haven’t heard anything yet and I haven’t checked my portal in like a month now. I was getting too anxious so I had to chill out a bit. But am hoping they get back to us after holidays 

    3. Cassie


      Hey Saudah, Have you heard back from Salem?

    4. Saudah Kiggundu

      Saudah Kiggundu

      Hello Cassie, yes and they put me on a waiting list. So am enrolling into laboure college starting May. I can’t wait another year. What about you?


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