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  1. GladiatorBill

    I have a bizarre case...

    I’m in Colorado. I haven’t entered yet. Given what i have now fervently researched all night, i have learned that dose increases on Wellbutrin can cause a switch into manic behavior. Which of course subside with dc of the medication, so now i get to fight THIS battle. Kool. I have the meeting w Peer Assistance scheduled but from what I’ve read here it appears they don’t care too much about the details surrounding the case.
  2. GladiatorBill

    I have a bizarre case...

    Thanks. I’m kind of intimidated and freaked out, because i honestly don’t need help with substance abuse. I have a heck of a problem with Wellbutrin though, and it looks like research backs it up. I have never behaved that erratically in my life. I have contacted a lawyer and have a psych NP who can vouch for this. I already set up a Peer Assistance appt should i wait to see if i will need to enter it?
  3. GladiatorBill

    I have a bizarre case...

    I am going to try to keep this as short and sweet as possible. I tested positive for drug use at work and I’m sure the plan is for me to enter an IPN. Okay but heres the thing. I have a diagnosis of MDD. About two months ago i started taking 300 mg Wellbutrin daily. About one month ago..... my brain broke. I went from ‘normal’ to ‘not normal’. I was having massive constant panic and anxiety, suicidality, i would sit at home and cry all day every day when i didn’t work, and then at work i was like a frantic madman. I went and bought drugs from homeless people in the park, don’t even know what i bought. I would IV it. I called and told my Psych NP something was really wrong. He told me to discontinue the Wellbutrin immediately. Prescribed Ativan. I THEN found out i was staying up hours later than i thought i was, running around the house speaking gibberish. (My sister and i live together). I got tested 3 days later. I have now been off the Wellbutrin for 10 days and all of these symptoms have completely resolved. I disclosed to my Psych NP and stopped the Wellbutrin JUST prior to this going down and i can supply the medical records to prove it. . I’m sure I’ll get fired I’m just waiting on the call.... but.... how the heck do i proceed from here? I don’t do drugs. I mean i did, for two weeks i was a fiend. I dunno. I’m pretty bummed about this.