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  1. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    Did you use your ACT scores for the preference points? I saw that they were waiving the accuplacer but I wasn't sure if we would just screenshot the ACT scores and upload them?
  2. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    Were you able to take the accuplacer? Were you able to take the accuplacer?
  3. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    For those of y'all who did not take the HESI before April 1st, are yall still applying?
  4. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    Ikr, I’m wondering if I should still apply or not.
  5. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    I believe you can submit old scores but if you have never completed the HESI (like me) then you just have to apply without those points. I believe that's what agall10 is trying to say?
  6. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    Oh WOW!! I guess I should just apply and see how it goes then. I’m scared now LOL. Thanks for the information.
  7. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    Right, if I’m calculating correctly... I’m at 71 points without the HESI test. I’m not confident applying with 71/115 points ?
  8. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    I just heard back from one of the advisors and she told me that it would still be out of 115 points. I would rather take the HESI so hopefully they will open in May.
  9. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    So when they calculate the points will it still be out of a total of 115 for the people who haven’t taken the HESI yet?
  10. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    I'm wondering how should we calculate the points now though...
  11. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    Hey yall, I just randomly checked OSU-OKC's website and they have decided to waive the HESI test for the Fall 2020 admission applicants!
  12. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    Thank you so much. I spoke with one of the advisors and she told me that the subjects we would be tested on would be Chemistry, math, and reading comprehension. That’s the book I’m using to study so I’m glad that you found it helpful!
  13. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    That is great. I found out recently that if you graduate from OSU-OKC's nursing program, you are granted provisional acceptance into OSU's (Stillwater) online RN-BSN program.
  14. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    Ikr, what resources have you been using to study for the HESI? Also, do you plan on getting your BSN after graduating from OSU-OKC?
  15. OSU-OKC Fall 20

    No, I spoke with an advisor and she informed me that the whole campus is closed to the public and that testing should resume in May.