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  1. llcubbs17

    Peds Cardiac ICU

    Just accepted my first job as an RN this Monday! I want to prepare for my role in the Peds Cardiac ICU. Does anyone have any advice or ideas on what books to buy to study and learn more throughout the year? Or anything else that can help me adjust to my new role in an intensive care unit?
  2. I have an interview tomorrow for a surgical oncology floor. Don't really know what to expect and would like some tips/advice on what questions I'm probably going to get or what would be smart to ask! Thank you! Or if RNs that have worked on a similar unit can tell me about their experiences.
  3. Can anyone tell me about this program? I have an interview there next week as a new grad and would like to know what to expect. And if anyone has any interview tips that would be appreciated!
  4. How did you go from working in the OR to becoming an FNP? I'm asking because that might end up being what I do, but am not sure exactly how to reach my goal of becoming an FNP if my only experience is working in ORs. Unless that's totally normal, I'm still learning.

  5. Thank you for your input. Say I get the adult OR job and then transfer to a pediatric OR in a couple of years. Would that make it any easier to eventually become an NP for pediatrics?
  6. It's not a pediatric hospital. It's Northwestern. I'm unsure if they do surgery on children or if those children are taken to the nearby Children's Hospital.
  7. I recently graduated with my BSN. I'm passionate about working with children and would not only like to do it as an RN but as an Advanced Practice RN as well.
  8. Has anyone heard back for the October 21 Cohort for Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago?
  9. Hi everyone! I recently graduated with my BSN. I have an interview for an OR nurse position in an Adult OR and other interviews at a Children's Hospital. Say I get offered the OR position but my ultimate goal is to become a Peds NP. How difficult would it be to transition from OR to Pediatrics and then to get enough experience to apply to NP programs? Help please!